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DOIDivision of Interest
DOIDigital Object Identifier
DOIDepartment of the Interior (US)
DOIDirection of Investment
DOIDepartment Of Insurance
DOIDivision of Insurance
DOIDivision of Instruction (various locations)
DOIDate of Incorporation
DOIDivision of Information (Australian National University)
DOIDepth of Inheritance (metric)
DOIDomain Of Interpretation
DOIDeclaration of Independence
DOIDefinition of Insanity
DOIDirectorate of Instruction
DOIDistinctness of Image
DOIDouble Opt In (email)
DOIDischarge of Indebtedness
DOIData Overrun Interrupt
DOIDepartment of Infrastructure (Australia)
DOIDays of Inventory
DOIDate of Injury
DOIDeclaration of Intent (legal)
DOIDied Of Injuries
DOIDate of Issuance
DOIDegree of Interference
DOIDigital Opportunity Initiative
DOI2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodoamphetamine (hallucinogenic drug)
DOIDate of Introduction
DOIDepartment of Intelligence
DOIDiagramme Objet Interaction (French: Object Interaction Diagram)
DOIDate of Invoice
DOIDigital Orthorectified Imagery
DOIDocument-Oriented Interface (computing)
DOIDescent Orbit Insertion
DOIDaughters of Iraq (female security program; est. 2008)
DOIDate of Image
DOIDepartment of Institutions (Colorado)
DOIDry Operating Index
DOIDeath On Impact
DOIDetachment Operating Instruction
DOIDaily Operating Instruction
DOIDefense Operating Instruction(s)
DOIDSSCS (Defense Special Security Communications System) Operating Instructions (US DoD)
DOIDiffusion of Innovations
DOIDay of Install
DOIDivisional Operating Income
DOIDescription, Operation & Installation
DOIDrawing Office Instructions (post design modification)
DOIDepartment of Investigation
DOIDirector of Intelligence
DOIDuration of Immunity (veterinary microbiology)
DOIDepth of Invasion
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The [survivor's] [survivors', (name them all)], loss, by reason of (decedent's) injury and death, of (decedent's) support and services [including interest at (legal rate) on any amount awarded for such loss from the date of injury to the date of death].
The Ministry of Labour must be informed of any work-related injuries that cost any workers three or more days of absence, and within 24 hours from the date of injury, only if it occurs during working periods or while commuting from/to a workplace.
But in January 2015, CMS issued a technical alert noting that workers' compensation payers and other responsible reporting entities must use ICD-10 for all claims with a date of injury on or after Oct.
A claim must be filed with the board within six months of release from prison or from the date of injury.
All patients from November 2013 till March 2015 consented to the study and were interviewed to obtain data including socio-demographic information on personal data like name, age, gender, date of injury, site, cause, anatomical site of fracture and treatment modalities which was recorded on a specially prepared clinical porforma.
SCI + TBI SCI Only SCI Total Date of Injury (n = 99) (n = 310) (n = 409) 2003-2012 49 (50) 71 (23) 120 (29) 1993-2002 23 (23) 47 (15) 70 (17) 1983-1992 11 (11) 50 (16) 61 (15) 1973-1982 6 (6) 74 (24) 80 (20) 1963-1972 9 (9) 56 (18) 65 (16) <1963 1 (1) 12 (4) 13 (3)
The model also stipulates that information about football injuries should include date of injury, date of return to football activities, injury types, location of injury, mechanism of injury and a measure of severity.
Mr Clarke continues to work but will require knee replacement surgery in three to five years time: he will be unable to claim compensation for this because it will occur more than 12 months after the date of injury.
A detail history including age, sex, occupation, address, mode of injury, time of injury, date of injury, history of unconscious, vomiting, convulsion, ENT bleeding, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, chest pain, breathlessness, moving all four limbs or not was recorded.
Based on the current statute of limitations of their respective universities' home states, football players from private schools would have between one to four years from the date of injury to file claims.
The following data were recorded: mechanism of injury, whether the patient had been referred or not, where they had been referred from, date of injury, date of referral, date of presentation at the DMFOS, date of admission, date of treatment, date of discharge, whether the patient had been intoxicated at the time of injury, if interpersonal violence was implicated in the injury, other injuries sustained at the time of the fracture, fracture type and site, fracture treatment, and whether the treatment was done under local or general anaesthesia.
Exclusion criteria included a history of systemic illness or compromised immune system, prior surgical procedure to the involved foot/ankle, sustained a current fracture or tested positive on the Ottawa Ankle/Foot Assessment, (or could not begin the study within 5 days from the date of injury.