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What do the North Wales businesses Watkin Jones Group, Huws Gray Ltd and David Ormerod Hearing Centres have in common?
David Ormerod Hearing Centres will offer people with hearing loss an opportunity to trial Lyric for free.
"We've been riding bikes since we were teenagers," says Julie, who works for David Ormerod Hearing Centres. "And Harley Davidsons are the coolest things on the planet - when you start those bikes en masse, they sound like a streak of growling tigers.
Sound advice At David Ormerod Hearing Centres, we've been providing expert hearing care for almost 50 years.
What also concerns me is that most people wait up to 15 years before they get help with failing hearing, according to a survey for David Ormerod Hearing Centres.
The national neglect of one of our key senses may leave many people unnecessarily leading isolated, difficult lives, says audiologist Heather Pitchford of David Ormerod Hearing Centres. Yet the comp any's research to mark Hearing Clearer Awareness Month in January found people are seven times more likely to check their teeth than their hearing and would give priority to sorting out a leaky tap rather than arranging a hearing test.
He now wears a hearing aid and is campaigning for greater awareness of hearing problems on behalf of David Ormerod Hearing Centres.
David Ormerod Hearing Centres advise people to listen to portable players for 20 minutes and then have a break, and be aware that if the noise is audible to a person sitting next to them it's too loud for safety.
Fast forward 50 years and David Ormerod Hearing Centres is one of the most influential hearing companies in the UK.
The study was carried out by the David Ormerod Hearing Centres.
I would hope that Mr Moulton stayed in Wales long enough to pick up a copy of the Western Mail Fast Growth 50 supplement the following day, where he would have noted that the fastest growing in North Wales for 2006 was Llandudno-based David Ormerod Hearing Centres, which had a turnover of pounds 16.3m in 2005, employs nearly 200 staff and had a sales growth rate of over 278% in the period 2003-05.
So the Liverpool branch of David Ormerod Hearing Centres in the Clayton Square shopping centre is piloting a free recycling scheme for hearing aid batteries, believed to be the first of its type by a national retailer.