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DAWEDivision Advanced Warfighting Experiment
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Prosecutors said Mr Sofan tried to stop Hodgson, then Dawe took a knife out of his pocket and pointed it at the victim.
Mr Dawe said: "Jackie managed to lose her purse with all her money - over PS100 - credit cards, store cards and everything else that a woman keeps in her purse.
Dawe said it was possible to properly read the prepared information but "it depended on how assiduous you were".
Dawe has several convictions for violence, including assaulting Miss Parr and other ex-partners.
Defence solicitor Nia Dawsoin said drink was to blame and Dawe, who was on bene'ts, had lost the jewellery.
Dawe succeeds Dana Roberts, who will leave to concentrate on Malie Inc, a company she founded in 2004.
Mr Dawe was chairman of Queensland Rail between July 2012 and June 2013, when he resigned to apply for the CEO s position.
Dawe, of Pen y Bryn, Old Colwyn, who gets income support, admitted common assault.
Aileen Peverell, of Oxfam, thanked Dawe and Catermasters for their fundraising efforts and support.
Charting a coherent path through all the intersections of the guitar and the aforementioned areas is no small feat, and Dawe does so adeptly.
Loughborough stepped up the pace and put this game to bed, Dawes simple run through the defence to make it 4-1 and when Hillhouse was brought down he converted the penalty himself to complete his hat-trick.
Dawes succeeds in exploring the present condition of the African experience of the diaspora through the lenses of the past and the examination of the self with a great deal of lyricism and creativity.