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DDMMYYYYDay, Month, (4-Digit) Year
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Let the hurricane tear up its thousand huge fragments; yet what will that tell against the accumulated labour of myriads of architects at work night and day, month after month?
New Barns is an isolated farmhouse a mile away from the road, and she was content to look day after day at the same fields, hollows, rises; at the trees and the hedgerows; at the faces of the four men about the farm, always the same--day after day, month after month, year after year.
13 2013 Your year ahead So, we all made it through 2012 - a year when the world might have ended but didn't and the last of those annoying sequences of day, month and year are over with 12.
1 : the day, month, or year on which an event happens or happened <What is your date of birth?
VaR (Value at Risk, also known as PML, Probable Maximum Loss): VaR measures how much a line of business or company could lose during a specified period--a day, month or year--with a specified probability.
It can be searched quickly by day, month, type of event, intended audience, and/or location.
The clock displays in a 12 or 24-hour format and the calendar mode displays day, month, and date.
Glance at your schedule by day, month, or year and keep track of recurring meetings or appointments.
The clock displays in a 12- or 24-hour format while the calendar mode displays day, month, and date.
Our model, because of the proliferation of purpose-built assisted living in Massachusetts, and because of its unbundled nature and lower cost, is considered pre-assisted living--people can drop in and out of services every day, month, or week.
I hope we all use this experience to understand better what it is like for residents in many gang-infested urban neighborhoods in our country who live under the same fear of such random death not just for a few weeks, but day after day, month after month and year after year.
It pointed out that "the carnival of carnage that takes place every day, month, and year in the realm of industry, the thousands of useful lives that are annually sacrificed to the Moloch of greed .