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DDMMYYDay, Month, Year (2-digit format)
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There's a good and bad side to it; the good side is if you can not ruin someone's day, month, year, then do so.
Collector Cred:  "The perpetual calendar: With its dial featuring date, day, month, year, perpetual moon phase, and a seven-day automatic movement, this watch will be accurate until the year 2400.
By Monday, September 1: When the attending medical resident came very early in the morning to do the standard neuro exam, asking our son the day, month, year, what holiday it was, where he was, what city he was in, etc.
day, month, year and time of birth, this information is converted into Astrological language the Western world understands, making what is otherwise a very complicated process easily accessible by the mainstream.
Powered by the Pellaton automatic winding system, the timepiece boasts a perpetual calendar with displays for date, day, month, year in four digits, perpetual moon phase, and small hacking seconds, in addition to a Breguet spring, and a rotor with an 18-carat gold medallion.
The very fact of being part of a spiritual community lends time a different quality, one where time passing becomes more like time inhabited, each day, month, year, joined in a stream of vital energy.
When S wanted to recall that information a day, month, year, or decade later, all he would have to do was rewalk the path where that particular set of memories was stored, and he would see each image in the precise spot where he left it.
This portable system features aluminum cone speakers and an LCD screen that displays the time, day, month, year, and room temperature.
Its newspaper flagship is The Dallas Morning News, and below the flag on the front page one finds the usual: day, month, year, volume, and number.
a day, month, year, century, and a millennium all take a turn.
You are a BEAUTIFUL PERSON, I bet you made that kid's day, month, year and beyond," Carlson said in a Facebook comment on the photo.