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D19Day 19 of Pregnancy (research test group)
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Volume share of the basal layer in mouse placenta is about 29% on the day 17 and 24% on the day 19 of gestation, while in our analysis of the rat placenta, the basal layer occupies 42% of the placenta on the day 16 and only 36% on the day 19 of pregnancy. The volume share of the decidua in mouse placenta decreased to 23% on the day 17 of gestation and to 18% on the day 19, while in our case of the rat placenta, the reduction in the volume share of the decidua falls to 15% on the day 16 of gestation and to only 7% of placental mass on the day 19 of pregnancy.
The test group which is made up of ten pregnant rats received 500 mg/kg b.w./day orally from day 1 to day 19 of pregnancy while control received only equivalent of the vehicle (distilled water) daily for 19 days.
No resorption was recorded in either control nor extract treated group at day 19 of pregnancy. However, the weight of litter delivered was significantly reduced in extract treated group (1.34 [+ or -] 0.21 g) compared to control (3.07 [+ or -] 0.03 g).
The utero-ovarian arteries were occluded bilaterally for 20 min in female Wistar rats on day 19 of pregnancy to induce fetal ischemia.