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DTVDigital Television
DTVDeutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
DTVDirecTV, Inc.
DTVDesign to Value (product development)
DTVDesktop Video
DTVDurf te Vragen (Dutch: Dare to Ask)
DTVDesktop Videocard
DTVDirect to Video
DTVDvi to Vga
DTVDirect Television
DTVDue to Void
DTVDay Television
DTVDisque Tu Veux (France)
DTVDisc Thickness Variation (automotive disc brakes)
DTVDurchschnittliche Tägliche Verkehrsstärke (German: Average Daily Traffic Volume)
DTVDigital Thermostatic Valve (Kohler)
DTVDenton Television (Denton, TX)
DTVDistribution Turnkey Vendor (sales tracking software)
DTVDriver's Thermal Viewer
DTVDual Tracked Vehicle
DTVDeutscher Tanzsportverband Ev (German Dancing League)
DTVDistributed Training Vehicle
DTVDirect to Vendor
DTVDeutscher Terminhandel Verband EV (German futures trading association)
DTVDynamic Test Vehicle
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History might not be Sien Harris' best subject but she should know Machynlleth - which she has little knowledge of - was the seat of the first Welsh Parliament established by Owain Glyndwr 600 years ago this year and as the subject of a St David's Day television programme it would interest most Welsh people.
However, the Doctor's regeneration was still the most-watched Christmas Day television moment with 10.
CHRISTMAS Day television is now dominated by home-grown drama rather than the light entertainment shows that filled schedules 20 years ago, according to a survey of the changing face of festive viewing.
Luckily thanks to the wonders of modern day television, we caught up with it the following night on BBC iPlayer.
Television and film critic Gary Slaymaker claimed this latest attempt to return to the glory days of the 1980s is further evidence of a lack of talent in the modern day television industry.
And Mr P Evans, of Runcorn, contacted us in response to Mike Chapple's article on Christmas Day television.
But the caution Defoe received was his third this season and was spotlighted on BBC's Match of the Day television programme in which it looked just as ugly as Redknapp's challengel.
Far from 'dumbing down' as it was once felt, I think that the introduction of the modern day television entertainment has had a positive effect, with channels such as Discovery and the Animal Channel giving fruitful information.
It savaged Finn as he watched Christmas Day television at around 8pm with his mum, dad and nine-year-old sister.