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DATBDay at the Beach
DATBDanny And The Boys
DATB2,4,6 Trinitro - 1,3 Benzenediamine (explosive)
DATBDepartment of the Army Technical Bulletin
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The closing image of "Sea Rex," friends relaxing after an exciting day at the beach by taking in the sunset, leaves readers smiling, ready to embark on a seaside adventure with friends both old and new.
Therefore, if the kids fancy a walk, bike ride, spot of fishing, day at the beach or some watersports, they are spoilt for choice in North Wales.
Considering that many females in the UAE can only swim at women's-only beaches due to religious reasons, the beach park has long reserved Mondays for women making it possible for many to enjoy a whole day at the beach with family and friends.
It is a beautiful day at the beach, and Mama and Miranda are enjoying the water and the sand.
Meryn, a lifeguard who was unable to save Benjie that day at the beach, turns out to be the one person who can get Jenna to dance again, yet he is also closest to the twin bullies who were connected to Benjie at the end of his life.
95) packs a Dilbert-type humor into a small girl's body and comments on life's ironies; sharks take on new underwater meaning in the 9th Sherman's Lagoon collection by Jim Toomey A DAY AT THE BEACH (0740751301, $10.
And there's skepticism that neighborhood families would no longer be able to able to afford a day at the beach.
Now they stroll around casually dressed as if they are about to spend a day at the beach, distributing letters at whatever time of the day suits them.
Just 15 to 30 minutes in a tanning salon is the equivalent of an entire day at the beach.
WHAT a pleasure it was to spend a beautifully hot day at the beach in Formby with my two young children.
Besides mining a day at the beach, sea nettles prey on fish eggs, fingerlings, and small crustaceans.