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The Day of the Dead is a celebration that involves not only indigenous culture from America, but also from Europe, Africa and Asia.
The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is celebrated widely by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans (as well in some other nations) each autumn in remembrance of departed loved ones and in support of their journey in the hereafter.
The holiday originated with the Aztec, Toltec and Nahua people who believed that the deceased members of the family or community could return to Earth on the Day of the Dead, (https://www.
The Day of the Dead often is celebrated with altars honoring loved ones who have passed and candlelight vigils in cemeteries.
The itinerary, put together by experts on the ground in Mexico, includes guided tours of the town of Zocalo, dramatic theatre performances in picturesque Xochimilco, the ruined city of Teotihuacan, and San Andres Mixquic - which hosts the country's biggest Day of the Dead celebrations.
The Ablaze Youth Group, from Preston, danced Day of the Dead Carnival Masquerade, whipping up the pace and inviting the audience to join in the carnival-esque parade, led by master percussionist Claudio Kron do Brazil.
Adventure tour operator Intrepid Travel has a five-day Day of the Dead themed tour to Mexico City for 2016.
The Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) is a holiday from Mexico, celebrated now around the world, focusing on gatherings of friends and family to remember those who have passed, but also to celebrate life with festivals and parades.
I can hear you all thinking, "What, another Day of the Dead project?
The Mexican holiday Day of the Dead combines reverence for the dead with revelry and a colorful celebration of life.