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DPIDots Per Inch
DPIDepartment of Public Instruction
DPIDeep Packet Inspection (Anti-Intrusion Security)
DPIDepartment of Public Information (UN)
DPIDisabled Peoples' International
DPIDi Protezione Individuale (Italian: Personal Protective Equipment; work safety)
DPIDivision of Plant Industry
DPIDepartment of Primary Industries (Australia)
DPIDepartment of Planning and Investment (various locations)
DPIDays Post Infection
DPIDirector of Public Instruction (India)
DPIDepartment for Planning and Infrastructure (Australia)
DPIDigital Projection International
DPIDry Powder Inhaler
DPIDental Promotion & Innovation (France)
DPIDisposable Personal Income
DPIDiagnostic Pré-Implantatoire (French: Pre-Implantation Diagnosis)
DPIDistributed Protocol Interface
DPIDistributed Program Interface
DPIDetail Program Interrelationships
DPIDevice Plug-in
DPIDual Processor Interface
DPIDigital Preservation Initiative (Canada)
DPIDans le Paysage Informatique (French: Computers in the Landscape)
DPIDéclarations Publiques d'Intérêts (French: Public Interest Declaration)
DPIDigital Program Insertion
DPIDéduction pour Investissement (French: Investment Allowance)
DPIDutch Polymer Institute
DPIDeutsches Polen-Institut (German: German Institute of Polish Studies)
DPIDistributed Power Interconnect (software; IBM)
DPIDefensive Pass Interference (football)
DPIDirection du Patrimoine Immobilier (French: Management of Real Estate)
DPIDrive Products (Canada)
DPIDanmarks Paedagogiske Institut (Danish: Danish University of Education)
DPIDispositivo di Protezione Individuale (Italian: Personal Protective Equipment; occupational safety)
DPIDirect Programming Interface
DPIDireitos de Propriedade Intelectual (Portuguese: Intellectual Property Rights)
DPIDisabled Persons International (Canada)
DPIDiscounted Profitability Index
DPIDalit Panthers of India (Tamil Nadu political movement)
DPIDye Penetrant Inspection
DPIData Processing Installation
DPIDrive Peripheral Interface
DPIDigital Printing and Imaging Association
DPIDifferential Pressure Indicator
DPIDistributeur de Produits Industriels (French: Distributor of Industrial Products)
DPIDistribution Point Identifier (natural gas)
DPIDual Polarisation Interferometry
DPIDigital Products Inc.
DPIDiscovery Partners International, Inc.
DPIDistillation Products, Inc. (est.1938)
DPIAssociation of Public Sector Information Professionals (Canada)
DPIDecision Processes International
DPIDigital Phone Interface (Ositech)
DPIDétection Protection Incendie (French: Fire Protection Detection)
DPIDivision of Public Information
DPIDaily Probe
DPIDiscomfort, Pain and Injury
DPIData Processing Information
DPIDirection Production Ingénierie (French: Production Engineering Directorate; Electricité de France)
DPIDeployments, Performance & Interoperability (IBM)
DPIDrinking Problems Index
DPIDiamond Products International
DPIDeparture Planning Information (ATFM, CFMU)
DPIDose Powder Inhaler
DPIDerived Product Images (Imagery)
DPIDocumento Personal de Identificación (Guatemala)
DPIDéveloppement Prestation Informatique (French: Benefit Informatics Development)
DPIDeath Pact International (music concept)
DPIDestruction Potential Index
DPIDesired Point of Impact (target)
DPIDeployment Partners Inc.
DPIDeath Penalty Initiative
DPIDemocratization Policy Institute
DPIData Path Interface
DPIDelaware Pain Initiative
DPIDirty Power, Inc.
DPIDigital Planimetrics Inc.
DPIDatos de Pacientes Individuales (Spanish: Individual Patient Data)
DPIDiffuse Pollution Initiative (UK)
DPIDiversified Products Inspections, Inc
DPIDroits de Propriétés Intellectuels (French: Intellectual Property Rights)
DPIDriver Performance Index (Australia)
DPIDiving Periodicals International
DPIDirectional Power Increase
DPIDive Patches International (patch production outfit)
DPIDiscipleship Publishing International
DPIDiabetes Providers Inc (diabetic supplies)
DPIDiffraction Products Inc.
DPIDetected Pulse Interference
DPIDirect Pour In-Mold
DPIDust Puppy Inside (UserFriendly)
DPIDane Photoimagery
DPIDirect RF (Radio Frequency) Power Injection (semiconductors)
DPIDrug Product Intermediate (pharmacology)
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RT Assay values (in counts per minute per milliliter) 11 and 21 days post infection (p.i.) for transgenic (labels indicate shRNA) and non-transgenic (Non-Tg) FEK cell lines.
bovis appeared delayed and they are only detected at 30 days post infection and significant differences occurred, where the IFN-[gamma] deficient mice showed a lower number of granulomas per volume of evaluated hepatic tissue.
Granulomatous lesions persisted up to 100 days post infection in both tissues.
Attempts to develop the larvae in ducks Anas platyrynchas by feeding were unsuccessful up to 17 days post infection suggesting that ducks were not the final hosts of the worm.
The FDAs scientists found that neonatal mice of this strain are susceptible to the Zika virus and develop neurological symptoms 12 days post infection. These mice eventually recover from disease and thus the model provides an opportunity to study the virus long-term effects as well as an additional means for early exploration of experimental Zika virus vaccines and therapeutics.
b) The multi-dose treatment of high dose WP reduced P yoelii (ART) parasitemia below 1% for the first 7 days post infection
Moderate clinical signs were observed which started appearing at two days post infection (PI) became severe on five days while started subsiding from seven days onwards.
The remaining animals were examined for up to 8 and 9 days post infection, but no eggs were found.
Viral cytopathologic changes were observed 3 days post infection. WNV isolation was confirmed by immunofiuorescence using chicken anti-WNV polyclonal sera and one-step RT-PCR of infected tissue culture supernatants.
danilewskyi strain FCc-1 in juvenile common carp: In group A, which received 1000 trypanosomes per fish, the infection developed slowly and the peak (7.52 +- 0.39 log 10 trypanosomes/ml) was obtained on 42 days post infection (p.i).
(1975) also reported that mean PCV and hemoglobin concentration decreased 14% and 12%, respectively, in 20 horses 6 days post infection, which was attributed to in vivo S.
This deviates from the previous observation demonstrated in natural and experimental infection that CPV2 is detectable for few days post infection and can give false-negative results despite high amounts of viral DNA detected by real-time PCR analysis (Desario et al., 2005).