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DSÖDünya Saglik Örgütü (Turkish: World Health Organization)
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Of course, this may not be a viable long-term strategy since suppliers will suffer and this will result in longer days sales outstanding for them.
Auctioning receivables has increased Mason-Grey's liquidity by cutting its days sales outstanding. Many companies are seeing similar results as they auction their accounts receivable.
* Varying inventory turnover and days sales outstanding
Not only can this eliminate the inaccuracy of manual data entry, but it can also reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and enhance your clients' audit and compliance positions.
Specific cash flow areas to consider include reduce days sales outstanding, optimize days payable outstanding, minimize collection float and optimize cash concentration.
The present study analyses several turnover ratios: days inventory, also called the inventory period (DIS); days sales outstanding, also called the average collection period (DSO); days payables outstanding, or the average days' credit (DPO); and the accounts receivable to accounts payable ratio (ARAP).
Of all the factors that can drive up days sales outstanding (DSO), one of the more insidious is invoice disputes.
In the study, which analysed the annual accounts of more than 15,000 UK companies, the average number of days sales outstanding (DSO) for Birmingham firms rose from 60 in 2004, to 75 in 2006.
Premiere Global's Collections Accelerator solution uses innovative communication technologies to make it easier for enterprises to contact their past-due customers and collect payments through a simple voice interface, helping reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by improving payment rates.