DCTSDigital Cordless Telephone System
DCTSDauphin County Technical School (Harrisburg, PA)
DCTSDefense Collaboration Tool Suite
DCTSDimension Custom Telephone Service
DCTSDetective Case Tracking System (Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles, CA)
DCTSDelaware County Technical Schools (Pennsylvania)
DCTSDefense Collaborative Tool Set (distributed mission planning)
DCTSDynamic Component Test System (Digital Lightwave)
DCTSDavidson County Transportation Service
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Aquaterra Energy's six fishing friendly' subsea DCTs for Catcher each weighed more than 100 tonnes and are designed to withstand environmental, installation and jacket docking loads across a range of seabed conditions and operational requirements.
Additionally, learners' production of pragmatic routines in a discourse-completion task (DCT) revealed higher use of functional than situational routines.
Node B and node D use DCTS to response to the channel access request, where the TM is set according to the transmission status of node B.
The immunoreactivity was weak in the glomerulus and the peritubular capillary (Pcap), but no staining was noted in the proximal convoluted tubule (PCT), the distal convoluted tubule (DCT), or the CCD.
The new study would enquire how to maximise potential benefits of DCTs for consumers.
The impact of DCTs on competition between suppliers listed on them.
The first DCT architecture considered produced an 8 and 10 speed variants with OAR spreads of 7.9 and 9.0, respectively.
et al., "Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) using Multiplexed Linear Actuation Technology and Dry Clutches for High Efficiency and Low Cost," SAE Technical Paper 2007-01-1096.
Mutually in proximal convoluted tubules (PCTs) and distal convoluted tubules (DCTs); tubular necrosis with fractional loss of brush border of proximal convoluted tubules was observed.
"Studying compliment responses: A comparison of DCTs and recordings of naturally occurring talk".
(1) finding the specific DCT that has the required block on the basis of the ranges of DCTs and then updating [V.sub.i] = [V.sub.i] + 1;
Kot, "Integer DCTs and fast algorithms," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol.