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DRNDirection du Réseau National (French: Direction of the National Network)
DRNDéveloppement de Ressources Numériques (French: Development of Digital Resources)
DRNData Release Number (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
DRNDorsal Raphe Nucleus
DRNDe Rerum Natura (Latin: On the Nature of Things)
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El poema De rerum natura, famoso por su impersonalidad (1), alberga en su proemio una declaracion de Lucrecio que atane al proceso creativo del poeta: "Es dificil, no se me oculta, ilustrar en versos latinos los oscuros descubrimientos de los griegos" (2).
Specifically, the book argues that William Blake, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Percy Shelley return to Lucretius, and the atomistic materialism of De Rerum Natura, as a consciously anachronistic tactic to disrupt and unsettle the scientific discourses of the day.
A key point in Nature's God is that American deism was energized in large part by Lucretius's famous philosophical poem, De rerum natura ("On the Nature of Things," sometimes referred to simply as "Lucretius").
Roque, PhD., Garcia assumed authorship of her husband's 'De Rerum Natura' science column after his death in 2002.
De rerum natura, a didactic poem, his only surviving work, in its first part is designed to take away fear of the gods.
The De Rerum Natura room on the second floor explores the brand's relationship with flora and fauna and is
Estos dos primeros aspectos se encuentran ya en su obra fundamental que, segun los expertos, el filosofo modifico y corrigio hasta su muerte y dio por resultado un trabajo de madurez que Telesio publico por primera vez a la edad de sesenta anos en Roma (1565) y que aparecio despues con el titulo definitivo de la ultima edicion como De rerum natura iuxta propria principia (Napoles, 1570).
"La politica De rerum natura. Efectos del clinamen en la idea de comunidad de Lucrecio, en Atenea 500, pp.
Lo curioso es que Poggio tampoco menciona el lugar exacto (solo dice "locus satis loginquus") donde se encontro con el manuscrito De rerum natura que mando copiar.
Additionally, we shall see that Manilius' polemic allusions to Lucretius' De Rerum Natura suggest that the concept was intensely debated in the Post-Hellenistic philosophical circles.
they needed help, but nobody took care of them." Books that went up in flames in the blaze included the first printed edition of Telesio's great work 'De rerum natura iuxta propria principia' (On the Nature of Things according to their Own Principles).
As an architect concerned with firmitas, Vitruvius shows interest in Lucretius, whose influence on Vitruvius is well attested; (6) however, De rerum natura makes an odd bedfellow for an architect working and writing in the Augustan Age.