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Unfunded, the Yes for Peace campaign proved that a national consensus on peace can be established through Bayanihan or the pro-active involvement and collective participation of the Filipino people built upon the concepts of being inclusive, citizen-led, non-partisan and multi-sectoral anchored on the core values of DepEd Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa, Briones said.
Her order allegedly benefited only the private lending institutions 'guaranteed to be paid' under DepEd's Automatic Payroll Deduction System to the detriment of teachers and DepEd personnel, the resolution pointed out.
DepEd said that it "will continue to coordinate with the authorities to help bring the perpetrator/s to justice and help the victim's family find solace amid the cold-blooded tragedy.
The DepEd is open to accepting help from donors, which may come in the form of buildings and equipment such as desk chairs, tables and other materials.
DepEd said that all Grade 10 completers in SY 2017-2018 who "are enrolled in DepEd-recognized private schools and are not Educational Service Contracting (ESC) grantees are eligible to apply" for the SHS VP.
Briones said the DepEd was also looking at sourcing funds from the Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM).
Martinez in a letter of support to DepEd said, The continued collaboration of government agencies is vital in heightening the efforts against tobacco use and its ill effects.
She also stressed that "all co-curricular and extracurricular activities" should adhere to the new guidelines set by the DepEd.
It practically eliminated the need to review and evaluate the textbooks (euphemistically called 'learner's material') published by the DepEd, which has now become both the seller and the buyer of all its self-published textbooks!
Jennifer Picardal is the very first TB clinic of the DepEd in the Philippines.
Briones said that the program will "also ensure that all DepEd school health personnel and school children practice healthier behavior that they can do on their own, and get linked up with health providers and local government units (LGUs) for child and adolescent health services.
The DepEd initiative, in partnership with the Tobacco-Free Kids (TFK) Action Fund, also supports Executive Order No.