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DDWDigestive Disease Week
DDWDutch Design Week (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
DDWDead Down Wind (Pleasant Valley, MO)
DDWDer Deutsche Weinbau (German: The German Wine; periodical)
DDWDiseases of the Developing World
DDWDieter de Witte (technology consulting; Germany)
DDWDigital Data Warfare
DDWDimensional Data Warehouse
DDWDrill Deep & Wide (GM)
DDWData Driven Workflow
DDWDarkness Does Wonders (bar slang)
DDWDowntown Dining Week
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As I got dressed, I sprayed down with Dead Down Wind to the point my clothing was wetter than normal.
Keeping your hunting clothes clean and scent-free has never been easier, thanks to the all-new Laundry Bombs from Dead Down Wind. Featuring the company's proprietary, enzyme-based, scent-elimination technology, Laundry Bombs eliminate the need to measure liquid detergent.
Through its subsidiaries, Tink's, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, and now Ramcat, Arcus markets and manufactures a range of deer lures, attractants, scent control products, premium bows, broadheads, replacement blades, quivers, and other archery accessories.
The folks at Dead Down Wind realize scent control is more about the system than an individual product From laundry detergents to scent elimination spray to body lotions and lip balm, DDW makes products to mask human odor in an easy-to-follow, three-step process that covers clothing, personal hygiene, and field application.
In a light breeze casts can be angled 30 to 45 degrees left or right of dead down wind. With modest wind, say 8 to 10 mph, casts can be angled about 20 degrees left or right of dead down wind.
All that has changed with the introduction of the Huntress line of scent-prevention products from Dead Down Wind.
AUTHOR'S MOTE: My equipment included a Mathews Z7 how, Easton FMJ arrows, Rage Hypodermic broadheads, Nocturnal lighted nocks, HHA sight, TruFire Release, Hunter Safety System harness, Mossy Oak camo, Ozonics HR-200 unit, Dead Down Wind scent-eliminating sprays and soaps, Rivers Edge treestand, Landmark ground blind, Buck Forage Oats, and Hunters Specialties food-plot seed.
Boost73 was created through a new partnership between Tink's, an undisputed leader in deer attractants, and Dead Down Wind, a company that pioneered the use of enzymes in scent-elimination products.
Through its subsidiaries Tink's and Dead Down Wind, Arcus manufactures and markets a range of leading deer lures, attractants, and scent control products.
Fortunately, I had gone through my normal, albeit slightly obsessive, scent-minimizing efforts including washing all clothes in scent-free soap, hanging them outside for two days, showering with Dead Down Wind body and hair soap and then dressing outside.
As we all know all too well, getting winded can be one of the most frustrating aspects of hunting, One of the better options to make that a thing of the past is Evolved 30+ from Dead Down Wind ($12.99 per 24-ounce spray bottle; www.deaddownwind.com).
17 November 2014 - US private equity firm Bregal Partners said today its acquisition and organic growth platform Arcus Hunting LLC had bought domestic scent control brand Dead Down Wind LLC for an undisclosed price.