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DSSDigital Satellite System
DSSDigital Spread Spectrum (cordless phone technology)
DSSData Security Standard
DSSDepartment of Social Services
DSSDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Support Services
DSSDecision Support System
DSSQuantum (stock symbol)
DSSDead Sea Scrolls
DSSDesign for Six Sigma
DSSDigitized Sky Survey
DSSDepartment of Social Security (UK)
DSSDigital Speech Standard (International Voice Association standard)
DSSDiplôme en Sciences de la Santé (French: Diploma in Health Sciences)
DSSDivision of Senior Services (various organizations)
DSSDisability Support Services (various universities)
DSSDefense Security Service (US DoD)
DSSDefense Security Service
DSSDextran Sodium Sulfate
DSSDengue Shock Syndrome
DSSDecentralized Software Services
DSSDepartment of Safety and Security (United Nations)
DSSData Storage System
DSSDigital Signature Standard
DSSDecision Support Software
DSSDemographic Surveillance System (population studies; various locations)
DSSData and Statistical Services (Princeton University)
DSSDigital Signage Solutions (Australia)
DSSDeep Seismic Sounding
DSSDevelopment Support Services
DSSDessert Spoon (measurement)
DSSDavid Servan-Schreiber (French physician)
DSSDecision Support Service (various organizations)
DSSDistinguished Speaker Series (various organizations)
DSSDecent, Safe and Sanitary (public housing)
DSSDigital Signature Service
DSSDisabled Student Services (various universities)
DSSDefense Security System
DSSDemokratska Stranka Srbije (Serbian: Democratic Party of Serbia; political party in Serbia-Yugoslavia)
DSSDoor Status Sensor (security)
DSSDirect Station Select
DSSDecision Support Systems
DSSDouble Suspension System
DSSData Source Selector
DSSDolby Surround Sound
DSSData Shaping Service
DSSDocument and Security Server
DSSDigital Switching System
DSSData Set Service
DSSDistribution Subsystem
DSSDigital Speaker Systems
DSSDesk Side Support
DSSDigital Subscriber Signaling System
DSSDigital Servo System
DSSDigital Storage Systems
DSSDigital Sending Software
DSSDigital Services System
DSSData Strobe Signal
DSSDouble Security System
DSSDecnet System Services
DSSDual Setup System
DSSData Storage Server
DSSDomain Sap Service
DSSDecisions Support Solutions (Tandem)
DSSDirect Station Selection
DSSDigital Sending Software (various companies)
DSSData Systems Support
DSSDigital Signage System (advertising)
DSSDigital Security Surveillance (software)
DSSDivision of Student Success (various schools)
DSSDiplomatic Security Service (US Department of State)
DSSDisease Specific Survival (oncology)
DSSDépartement des Sciences de la Société (French: Department of Sciences of the Society; Switzerland)
DSSDirection de la Sécurité Sociale (French: Directorate of Social Security)
DSSDecision Support Structure
DSSDynamic Support System
DSSData Source System
DSSData System Services
DSSDeep Sea Supply (Pasadena, California)
DSSDigital Subscriber Signaling System (ISDN)
DSSDelta Secondary School (Canada)
DSSDirect Sparse Solver (computing)
DSSDeutsche Schule Stockholm (German: German School in Stockholm; Stockholm, Sweden)
DSSDocument Security Systems, Inc (Rochester, NY anti-counterfeiting company)
DSSDigital Security Service
DSSDocusate Sodium (stool softener)
DSSDeep Space Station (Australia)
DSSDuplex Stainless Steel
DSSData Server System
DSSDistribution Standard System
DSSDigital Satellite Services
DSSDioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate
DSSDesk Synchronisation Stand (Sony Ericsson)
DSSDisease Surveillance System
DSSDisability Status Scale
DSSDidier Sports Systems (French karting team)
DSSDynamic System Solutions
DSSDynamic Software Solutions (various locations)
DSSData Submission System
DSSDomestic Security Section (United States Department of Justice Criminal Division)
DSSDivision of Shellfish Sanitation (Virginia)
DSSDecentralized Storage System
DSSDiversity Student Services (Northern Michigan University)
DSSData System Specialist
DSSDisplay Stocker Status
DSSDen Sociale Sikringsstyrelse (Danish: Social Security Agency)
DSSDirectional Solidification System (solar silicon production technology)
DSSDosage-Sensitive Sex Reversal
DSSDejerine-Sottas Syndrome
DSSDistributed Software Systems
DSSDefense Supply Services
DSSDirectory Synchronization Service (various companies)
DSSDrill Sergeant School
DSSDetector Subsystem
DSSDigital Sun Sensor
DSSDocument Scan Server (computing)
DSSDear Step Son
DSSDaily Star Sunday (UK)
DSSDirect Satellite Service
DSSDigital Six Sigma (Motorola quality implementation)
DSSDistribution System Service (802.11 WLAN)
DSSDigital Subsystem (Unit)
DSSDual-Stack Server (computing)
DSSDrug Safety Surveillance (US FDA)
DSSDirect Support System
DSSDigital Subscriber Service
DSSDynamo Scenario Server
DSSDistributed Security Service
DSSDisability Service Standard (Australia)
DSSDigital Switched Services
DSSDruštvo Slovenskih Skladateljev (Society of Slovene Composers; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
DSSDivision of Support Services (US NIH)
DSSDistribution System Symposium (AWWA)
DSSData Station Selector
DSSDistributed Sniffer System (Network General)
DSSDynamic Spectrum Sharing
DSSDismounted Soldier System
DSSDefense Switched Services
DSSDomestic Sewage Study
DSSDerwent Shared Services (UK)
DSSInternational Workshop on Distributed Sensor Systems (IEEE Workshop)
DSSDouble Simultaneous Stimulation (neurology)
DSSDevil's Sinkhole Society (Texas)
DSSDrain-Source Short (semi-conductors)
DSSDynamic Skin Switching (Firefox browser)
DSSDynamic Server Selection
DSSDigital Small Switch (Raytheon)
DSSDeep Submergence System
DSSDietetic Service Supervisor
DSSDirect Supply Support
DSSDrilling Sensor Sub
DSSData Storage Set
DSSDigital Switching Subsystem
DSSDecision and System Sciences
DSSDownsview Secondary School
DSSDisaster Severity Scale
DSSDominion Sportservice
DSSDead Sea Surfers (band)
DSSDepot Standard System
DSSDanish-Scottish Society
DSSDirect Support and Services
DSSDistributed Systems Standards (Sprint)
DSSDefense Support System
DSSDocument Sharing System
DSSDiscontiguous Saved Segments
DSSDesperately Seeking Simon (band)
DSSDouble Shoulder Strap
DSSDeployed Supply System
DSSDigital Signal Synchronization (Sprint)
DSSDummy Satellite System
DSSDirectory Security Server
DSSDynamic Simulation Subsystem
DSSDouble Shoulder Spica (cast)
DSSDoctrinal Support Services (US Army)
DSSData Switching System/Subsystem
DSSDestination Surface Stage
DSSDestination Set Splitting (networking)
DSSDonald Street Site
DSSDynamic Systems Simulator
DSSDefense Support Services, Inc.
DSSDigital Support Specialist
DSSDrive Solenoid Status
DSSDetection System Specialist
DSSDeployable SIGINT System
DSSDrain and Storage System
DSSDivision Surgeon's Section
DSSDry Sealing System
DSSDigital Store Server
DSSDepartment of Supplies & Services (Canadian)
DSSDefinizione delle Specifiche di Sistema
DSSDLA Support System
DSSDiscrete Stationary Source
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Halakhic Terms in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Importance to the Study of the Halakha Development.
If more Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered, they could deepen our understanding of that time, as well as how Jesus and Christians in the past lived, something that is still not completely clear to scholars today.
D.'s introductory essay, "The Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls--Past and Present," written for this volume, indicates that one of her current projects focuses on the history of research in the Dead Sea Scrolls. She concludes:
That is the greatness of the Dead Sea Scrolls. These 2,000-year-old parchments demonstrate that, in the days of Hellenic and Roman control of Judah and the Land of Israel, the Hebrew Bible already was a highly regarded collection of writings upon which the people of Israel relied to understand their history and relationship with their God.
This interesting and unusual volume is the brainchild of Maxine Grossman, a leader in the field of Dead Sea Scrolls studies known for prompting serious methodological reflection among Scrolls scholars.
Now, anyone around the world can view, read, and interact with five digitized Dead Sea Scrolls. The high-resolution photographs are up to 1,200 megapixels, almost 200 times more than the average consumer camera, so viewers can see the most minuscule details in the parchment.
When the Tanenbaum family heard about the ROM's plans to bring the Dead sea scrolls to Toronto, they knew supporting this project would be a powerful way to honour the tremendous life and philanthropic legacy of Anne Tanenbaum.
She is a member of the Dead Sea Scrolls editorial board and associate editor of the New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, and Dead Sea Scrolls Encyclopedia.
The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto has unveiled a controversial Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, which will run until Jan.
Summary: The Palestinian Authority demanded this week the cancellation of an exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls, which it said were stolen by Israel from Palestinian territories, Canadian media reported.
In the sixty-one years since, the Dead Sea Scrolls have revolutionized our knowledge of ancient Judaism and enriched our understanding of the diverse cultural context out of which both rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity emerged.
The hidden secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls could be unlocked by Welsh scientists using super-powerful X-rays.