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DWMDivorced White Male
DWMDesktop Window Manager (Windows Vista)
DWMDoctor Who Magazine (based on the sci-fi series)
DWMDynamic Wireless Medium
DWMDigital Web Magazine
DWMDesktop Window Manager
DWMDynamic Window Manager
DWMDrilling Waste Management (various locations)
DWMDandy-Walker Syndrome (aka Dandy-Walker malformation)
DWMDeutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken
DWMDragon Warrior Monsters (video game)
DWMDead White Males
DWMDirectory of Women's Media (Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press)
DWMDiskless Workstation Management
DWMDepartment of Weights and Measures (various locations)
DWMDynamic Workflow Management
DWMDielectric Waveguide Model
DWMDistrict Wildlife Manager (game warden)
DWMDeep Water Mine
DWMDeutsche Waggon- und Maschinenbau
DWMDalit Women's Movement (India)
DWMDepartment of World Mission
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For these thinkers, the central institutions of the West are the projects of these dead white males. Therefore, Bercier accuses these thinkers of rejecting dialogue.
And what if we were interested in the Dead White Males: if we were, say, diplomatic, political, or even military historians by inclination?
One of the panelists, the head of the Women's Studies program at the college, explained that the problem is not only that the "Big Guys"--her variation on "Dead White Males"--are Guys, but also that they are Big, thus "privileging," as she put it, big books, great books.
Though biographies of those sometimes called dead white males are often dismissed or ignored by those preferring to emphasize the undeniably significant role of race, class, and gender as determining factors in history, there is little doubt that the genre has produced many of the most influential and most popular titles in Civil War literature.
"One of the problems in furniture is our industry is led by nearly dead white males, yet the purchasing is done by females," remarked past ART president Harvey Hollingsworth of The Natural Light.
According to one very fashionable line in art criticism, all viewers of nudes are voyeurs, and since all nineteenth-century artists are by definition dead white males, the living white males who regard their pictures are locked into a complicit and chauvinistic act.
He challenges scholars to take another look at their "rethinking of the traditional literary canon." All the major participants in "the procession," with the exception of Emily Dickinson, are made up of "dead white males," beginning with Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, Hawthorne, and Whitman and continuing, in the next generation, with Melville, Mark Twain, William and Henry James, Dreiser, Henry Adams, and Stephen Crane, then finally Eliot and Pound, Faulkner and Hemingway.
On top of that, the civil rights and women's movements made many uneasy with an educational program based almost exclusively upon the musings of dead white males. Still, 40 years after its peak, the Great Books Foundation continues to flourish--reporting a membership of about 20,000 adults participating in 1,800 groups around the country.
By offering "an interpretation of American culture in which Jackson's epoch will not seem distant or inaccessible" (5), Perry subtly tries to rescue the famous dead white males of the American Renaissance for a postmodern canon by describing a previously unsuspected modernism in their way of thinking.