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"We already started increasing our net issuance of T-bonds this fiscal year." The Finance Ministry will also work with all relevant counterparts to improve the primary dealer system to encourage further liquidity and competition in the market, he said.
The government introduced a primary dealer system for government bonds in 1999, to facilitate the purchase of government bonds in the market as well as activating a secondary market.
"Tesla's legislation seeks to unravel the entire franchised dealer system in Texas, in favor of direct sales of motor vehicles by a manufacturer," Texas Automobile Dealers Association president Bill Wolters said in a statement Friday.
The existing dealer system has been discontinued and the Food Department has set up sale points, being monitored by in collaboration with the district administration.
While the previous dealer system had been highly successful for several years, growing more than 2,592% from 2005-2007, the franchise model is a more systematic and efficient business management approach and has been fully supported by its ownership network.
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has amended certain rules governing the Primary Dealer System to create a balance between privileges and obligations of banks (Primary Dealers) (PDs) to achieve the objective of development of debt market in Pakistan.
Further consideration suggests, however, that the apparent need for direct lending during crises stems, not from the inadequacy of open market operations as such, but from the inadequacy of the Fed's particular rules and procedures for conducting such operations, including its reliance upon the primary dealer system. (2) In particular the Fed, by depending upon a small set of primary dealers, and on two clearing banks, for its open market operations, risks a breakdown in the monetary transmission mechanism when these agents themselves become troubled.
The contract with Telenor also offers us access to round the clock customer service, our own customer team and local service through the Telenor dealer system," says Roar Pedersen, Procurement Manager at Nord Trondelag County Authority, who is responsible for telephony agreements in FK Nord.
Faith in the primary dealer system has also been boosted by the International Monetary Fund's survey, which highlights experiences of countries around the world, ranging from developed to small and emerging economies.
The Ministry will establish a preliminary primary dealer system, improve evaluation standards for primary dealers, and reduce or eliminate incentives that are currently being handed out to primary dealers.
They were under the thumb of a powerful, entrenched milk dealer system that set "take it or leave it" prices.
Peugeot keep as many as possible in the dealer system, so demand is fierce.