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DEANSDrug Evaluation Alliance of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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Then his voice changed as if every pine-tree was a Rural Dean.
Dean why Heathcliff let Thrushcross Grange, and preferred living in a situation and residence so much inferior.
Dean, it will be a charitable deed to tell me something of my neighbours: I feel I shall not rest if I go to bed; so be good enough to sit and chat an hour.
After that, all that we know of him is that at Dean Prior "Robert Herrick vicker was buried ye 15th day of October 1674.
Breathed to that extent,' the Dean (not unflattered by this indirect homage) condescendingly remarks, 'would be preferable.
Well, well,' says the Dean, with a sprightly air of breaking up the little conference, 'I hope Mr.
With a pleasant air of patronage, the Dean as nearly cocks his quaint hat as a Dean in good spirits may, and directs his comely gaiters towards the ruddy dining-room of the snug old red-brick house where he is at present, 'in residence' with Mrs.
The reply, with a slight smile, is: 'Certainly; with my respects and thanks to the Dean.
This D&I is particularly important, for not only is the work more detailed due to the upcoming 1997 bicentennial of her launching, but new technologies have given Deans and company new ways to inspect the ship's complex wood components.
polls both college/ university deans of education and the newest generation of America's K-5 schoolteachers (those with three to five years of experience) to provide a progress report on K-5 science education.
The case went to trial before the Admiralty Court in New York, and the Deans were stripped of their land and sentenced to heavy fines and six years in the notorious prison, the Tombs.