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DJDisc Jockey
DJDow Jones
DJDavid Jones (Australian store)
DJDear John (break up letter)
DJDon Juan
DJDust Jacket (book condition)
DJDust Jacket (hardbound books)
DJDigital Jukebox (Dell)
DJDeskJet (Hewlett Packard)
DJDerek Jeter (baseball player)
DJDustin Johnson (golfer)
DJDennis Johnson (multiple athletes)
DJDistrict Judge
DJDigital Journalist
DJDale Jarrett (Nascar driver)
DJDonna Jo (TV sitcom Full House)
DJKim Dae Jung (Korean president)
DJDinner Jacket
DJDirt Jumping (cycling)
DJDavey Jones (locker)
DJDead Journal
DJVirgin Blue Airlines (Australia; flight number prefix)
DJDeclaratory Judgment (judicial ruling)
DJDigital Jockey
DJDeterministic Jitter
DJDark Jedi (gaming clan)
DJDeutsche Jugend (German Youth)
DJDesk Jockey (bureaucrat)
DJDrill Jig
DJDae Jung Kim (Korean president)
DJDeceptive Jamming
DJDistributed Jamming
DJDistributed JANUS
DJDirector of Journals
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Adapted from the best-seller by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook), Dear John is a bittersweet soap opera that relies on familiar plot devices to keep the lovers apart.
But Dear Chester, Dear John documents the correspondents' struggles to survive as writers and friends in a racialized and rivalrous literary world.
He was the man, remember, who gave us the similarly syrupy Safe Haven, Dear John and, most famously, The Notebook.
Yes, it's time for another slice of sappy romance based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, who gave us the similarly syrupy Safe Haven, Dear John and The Notebook.
John Dear John If your mum has suffered injury as a result of the care home's negligence, then one of the solicitors here at McKeag & Co would be pleased to help your mother to make a claim for personal injury compensation against them, and we can do this on a basis by which your mother has nothing to pay in respect of our fees if the claim is not successful.
Dear John E4, 8pm A soldier home on leave falls for a college student, but can their relationship survive his return to duty?
Dear John (8pm) Amanda Seyfried, left, and Channing Tatum star in this bittersweet tale of a soldier who falls for a student.
The new film features Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, stars of two of the top weepy movies of the last few years, Dear John and The Notebook.
That's what happened with the likes of Men Behaving Badly and Dear John, while vintage classics such as Dad's Army and Steptoe and Son were also adapted for our cousins on the opposite side of the Atlantic.
99) 6 Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (Little, Brown, pounds 7.
Dear John isn't as good as Sparks' best film, The Notebook (2004), but the links with troops serving in Afghanistan at least makes it feel relatively topical.
50) at Clarins, a sample of the rich face cream Dear John at BeneFit, a sample of Hand Cream at Sisley and a try of Vitamin Enriched Face Base at Bobbi Brown.