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His latest book, Five Steps to Conquer 'Death by PowerPoint', is available from Amazon.
Second lieutenants attending the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) are exposed to the "death by PowerPoint" characteristic of past advanced officer courses.
Tired of death by PowerPoint? Moline's book as an essential companion to any books you have on information literacy.
If you are familiar with "Death by PowerPoint," you already know the fundamentals of avoiding it, like reducing heavy text to one point or idea per slide, incorporating images (not Clip Art) and not reading your slides.
Avoid "death by PowerPoint" and make your presentation a first-rate hit with a free webinar recording for members.
The standard template makes it easy to be boring." The term "death by PowerPoint" rings true with most people for a reason.
Although PowerPoint presentations were once considered revolutionary, they have since become so overused that students routinely refer to them as "death by PowerPoint." The students described the traditional, "canned" WOAC presentations as dry and mundane and asserted that they stifled innovation and original thought.
While PowerPoint has the potential to be an excellent presentation tool, it requires expertise to use it well and to spare an audience from a lackluster "death by PowerPoint" experience.
The new millennium student is turned off by long lectures, and they now understand the saying death by PowerPoint.
Users of my website receive regular emailed newsletters with useful tips on how to improve their business communication, so while I make the trip back up north, I write my latest handy hints - how to avoid death by Powerpoint.
To some it's the latest 3D modelling or mobile learning rather than e-learning; to others it's a facilitated workshop rather than a 'death by PowerPoint' lecture.