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DNDistinguished Name (IDAP)
DNDagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
DNDeath Note (movie)
DNDomain Name
DNDiário de Noticias (Portuguese newspaper)
DNDragon Nest (gaming)
DNDirectory Number
DNDisplay Name (internet chat)
DNDagens Næringsliv (Norwegian financial newspaper)
DNDuke Nukem (Game)
DNDoncaster (postcode, United Kingdom)
DNDecision Notice
DNDish Network (satellite TV provider)
DNDueling Network (gaming forum)
DNDomain Network
DNDouble Negative
DNDouble Negative (hardcore punk band)
DNDetroit News
DNDialed Number
DNDigital Number
DNDistrito Nacional (Dominican Republic)
DNDirectorate for Nature Management (Ministry of the Environment; Norway)
DNDiameter Nominal
DNDestination Number
DNDepartment of the Navy
DNData Numbers
DNDr. No (James Bond movie)
DNDirk Nowitzki (basketball player)
DNDistrict Nurse
DNDianetics (Scientology)
DNDan Air
DNDefense News
DNDelivery Note
DNDebit Note (accounting)
DNDaydream Nation (Sonic Youth album)
DNDominus Noster (Latin: Our Lord, epigraphy)
DNDelta Nu (sorority)
DNDelayed Neutron
DNDoctor of Naprapathy (a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue)
DNDigital Nonsecure (US DoD)
DNDoctor of Nursing
DNDiscrepancy Notice
DNDouble Nil (card game move)
DNDibucaine Number
DNDemocracy Now! (radio news program)
DNDaikyoNishikawa Corporation (Japan)
DNDesign Notice
DNDrafting Note (comments on document drafts)
DNDependency Net
DNDiscipline Node
DNDoctor of Naturopathy
DNDiagnostics, Neutron
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The girl, a student at a secondary school in the Mubarak Al Kabir district, also found a death note in the sheep's mouth.
Miller contends that the company's original content series The Crown, Fuller House, Narcos, Death Note and To The Bone all served as core catalysts.
It whiffed with manga adaptation Death Note but delivered disreputable thrills with taut little Frank Grillo thriller Wheelman .
Kelts said the Netflix version of Death Note, released the same year, was "quite awful", while 2009's Dragonball Evolution was "a complete fiasco".
Death Note All-in-One Edition collects the complete, twelve-volume manga (Japanese comics) series Death Note into a single omnibus volume, along with an epilogue chapter never before seen in English.
A magical notebook, called the Death Note falls into the hands of Light, a high school student who soon discovers that he can kill at will just by writing the names of the persons he wants dead on the pages of the notebook.
Death Note is one of the most popular anime series ever made, but does it work as a movie?
24 -- Writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata created a highly entertaining, good looking, dark, witty and mysterious thriller in Death Note, the manga.
At Netflix, a popular Japanese property called Death Note has been adapted into a movie.
Among their topics are the changing role of manga and anime magazines in the Japanese animation industry, from victim to kira: death note and the misplaced agencies of cosmic justice, writing another's tongue: orthographic representations of non-fluency in Japanese manga, factors influencing non-native readers' sequencing of Japanese manga panels, and the sound of silence: translating onomatopoeia and mimesis in Japanese manga.
To put McClaren on to the board and then strip him of any power was sheer nonsense - it was a slow death note for him and we had to witness it from the stadium.
The anime series Death Note comprises thirty-seven twenty-minute episodes and aired in Japan in 2006-2007.