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DRIDirect Rendering Infrastructure (Unix/Linux graphics system)
DRIDesert Research Institute
DRIDirection de la Recherche et de l'Innovation (French: Department of Research and Innovation)
DRIDes Relations Internationales (French: International Relations; higher education)
DRIDarden Restaurants, Inc.
DRIDefense Research Institute (organization for defense, insurance, and corporate counsel; Chicago, IL)
DRIDirectorate of Revenue Intelligence
DRIDirty Rotten Imbeciles (band)
DRIDiplôme de Recherche et d'Innovation (French: Diploma in Research and Innovation)
DRIDirect Reduced Iron
DRIDirect Renin Inhibitor
DRIDiamond Resorts International (various locations)
DRIDietary Reference Intake
DRIDirectly Responsible Individual
DRIDevelopment of Regional Impact
DRIDiabetes Research Institute
DRIDifferential Rate of Interest
DRIDépartement des Relations Industrielles (French: Department of Industrial Relations)
DRIDetection, Recognition, and Identification (Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Intelligence Systems)
DRIDisaster Recovery Institute (Canada)
DRIDerbyshire Royal Infirmary (UK)
DRIDigital Receiver Interface
DRIDeposit Resistant Injector
DRIDigital Research Inc.
DRIData Rate Indicator
DRIData Recovery Interface
DRIDual Ring Interconnect
DRIDirect Rendering Infrastructure
DRIData Routing Interface
DRIDoncaster Royal Infirmary
DRIDirection des Ressources Informatiques (French: Computer Resources Branch)
DRIDirection des Relations Internationales (French: Delegation for International Relations)
DRIDigital Rights Ireland (civil rights)
DRIDose-Reduction Index (drug treatment)
DRIDirect Relief International (Santa Barbara, CA)
DRIDanish Road Institute (Denmark)
DRIDeclarative Referential Integrity
DRIDifferential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behaviors
DRIDesignated Responsible Individual
DRIData Research Institute (Japan)
DRIDisability Research Institute
DRIDefense Reform Initiative
DRIDirect Reading Instrument (OSHA)
DRIDiplomatic Readiness Initiative
DRIDeath Row Inmate
DRIDigital Research, Incorporated
DRIDivision des Relations Internationales (French: International Relations Division)
DRIData Resources, Incorporated
DRIDenver Research Institute
DRIDigital Receiver Interface (OpenCable)
DRIDynamic Response Index
DRIDomotique Immotique et Réseaux Intérieurs (French: Home and Building Control Networks and Interiors)
DRIDépannage Rénovation Installation (French plumbing company)
DRIDelco Remy International, Inc. (automotive components manufacturer)
DRIDrilling Rate Index (engineering/geology)
DRIDead Reckoning Indicator
DRIDisco Related Injury
DRIDisability Rights Initiative
DRIData Ready Indicator
DRIDigital Recording Interface
DRIDecoder Reliability Information
DRIDistributed Reconnaissance Infrastructure
DRIDemon Research Initiative (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
DRIDate Required Inplace
DRIDetailed Report of Investigation
DRIDiploma in Radionuclide Imaging (College of Radiographers, UK)
DRIDemand Reduction Initiative
DRIDestination Routing Indicator
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Susanna Reid talks to Death Row inmate Patrick Murphy just a few weeks before the date of his execution
Susanna Reid talks to Death Row inmate Patrick Murphy, just a few weeks before the date of his execution
KUALA LUMPUR: Families and friends of death row inmates petitioned the Malaysian government to repeal its mandatory death penalty on Friday.
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rules against death row inmate Jeff Wood
A Japanese court has overturned a lower court ruling that freed a man described as the world's longest-serving death row inmate, raising the prospect that the 82-year-old could eventually be imprisoned again.
Further, if current execution trends persist, it is safe to assume the death row inmate population will continue to get older.
Death row inmates counsel said that his client was a juvenile at the time of conviction.
Ninety percent of death row inmates are model prisoners when compared to the General Population.
of time a death row inmate spends between sentencing and execution has
What mattered was whether the governor has the constitutional authority to grant a reprieve to a death row inmate - even if that inmate does not accept it and wants to be executed.
It tells of a black death row inmate released from prison after DNA testing proved him innocent.
A DEATH ROW inmate tried to kill himself by jamming ballpoint pens into both eyes.