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D/CDate Code
D/CDischarge (from a hospital, medical care, etc)
D/CDouble Cab
D/CData Code
D/CDocumentary Credit
D/Cdownconverter (US DoD)
D/CDeck Cadet (maritime)
D/CDelivery Clause
D/CDiscipleship Confirmation (religion)
D/CDirect Current (electricity; also seen as DC)
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1, TRS and TRR premium payments will only be accepted by automatic payment via a debit/credit card or electronic funds transfer.
4 You can use any winnings for further bets or have the money credited to your debit/credit card.
By inserting the same SIM card into a standard EMV payment terminal, a payment transaction can then be carried out using the PIN number to authorise the EMV debit/credit banking card.
AFEX clients can now access a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, customizable payment gateway that features the highest level of reporting and administration, with a full suite of processing solutions, including debit/credit card, ACH and recurring billing.
Females favored using debit/credit card combination (28.
The Green Dot(TM) program allows customers who don't qualify for a conventional contract phone service to sign-up for monthly prepaid wireless services such as the Cingular Go Phone and Boost Premium programs using the Green Dot(TM) prepaid debit/credit card.
Customers using Solar Angel activate the service with a debit/credit card, step into the booth, press a button and in a matter of seconds they are sprayed with a fine mist of suntan lotion of their choice over their complete body.
Due to the fact that MyVillaRenters uses a debit/credit card system for payments none of its owners have fallen foul of this fraud.
The Symbol PD 4500 and PD 7000 support applications for online and offline debit/credit, signature capture, scrolling line item display, EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer), gift and loyalty programs and advertisements.
For a downloadable graphic illustrating Visa global debit/credit card volumes please visit: www.
MRMG assures that with the use of VeriChip(TM) solutions, card issuers, health care and insurance providers and consumers will reduce credit card fraud and identity theft caused by lost or stolen debit/credit cards and account sharing.
The application for the lottery would include the VIA Cell's Wireless Financial Management System (TM), a patent-pending financial management transaction application which allows users of wireless devices to manage their debit/credit cards and load money on the debit cards or Virtual Wallet (TM) and VIA Cell's Play-Wire (TM) application.