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D/CDate Code
D/CDirect Current (electricity; also seen as DC)
D/CDischarge (from a hospital, medical care, etc)
D/CDouble Cab
D/CDownconverter (US DoD)
D/CData Code
D/CDocumentary Credit
D/CDeck Cadet (maritime)
D/CDelivery Clause
D/CDiscipleship Confirmation (religion)
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If consumers have to pay for the cost of the flights or hotel again then they may be able to make a claim against their debit/credit card or travel insurer.
It can be one more thing-your wallet.Mobile wallet, which works like an electronic prepaid card, can be used to pay for things from grocery to rail tickets without the need to swipe debit/credit card.
The POS is the cash counter of an establishment where a customer makes online payment trough a debit/credit card.
1, TRS and TRR premium payments will only be accepted by automatic payment via a debit/credit card or electronic funds transfer.
Also, if I wanted to pay by debit/credit card, there would be a pounds 1.50 charge per ticket - again the production company's decision.
Advanced Analytics to Detect "Scru Chains." A Scru Chain consists of sets of debit/credit pairs (general ledger journal entries) that, when connected, net out to a fraudulent transaction.
This "Promotional Card Carrier" can be given to customers in connection with debit/credit card activation or a point of sale delivery vehicle for gift cards.
The ST 200 operates under normal, ambient lighting; provides high-resolution, edge-to-edge images; handles both negative and positive film; and has network connectivity that allows the use of the library's charge-account system or a debit/credit card for billing purposes.
Despite the popularity, convenience, and debt management benefits of debit/credit cards, it is recommended that you keep your cards separate.
citizens with debit/credit cards issued by offshore banks, compared with only 170,000 Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts filed in 2000.
Paris-listed Oberthur Card Systems has demonstrated what it claims to be the world's first multi-application card that combines GSM SIM functionality with an EMV debit/credit application.
PEOPLE in the Rugby area could pay for some council services by debit/credit cards if councillors agree to it today.