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DMPData Management Platform (software)
DMPDebt Management Plan
DMPDefining Moments Pack
DMPDossier Médical Personnel (France)
DMPDebt Management Program
DMPDigital Monitoring Products (alarm panel manufacturer)
DMPDigital Media Port (Sony)
DMPDrm Music Player
DMPData Muxponder
DMPDynamic Mail Processor
DMPDump File
DMPDevice Management Protocol
DMPDigital Media Player
DMPDataradio Multiplex Protocol
DMPData Movement Processor
DMPDigital Motion Player
DMPDynamic Multi Pathing
DMPDigital Music Player
DMPDigital Movie Producer
DMPDockable Media Player
DMPDigital Media Production
DMPDhaka Metropolitan Police (Bangladesh)
DMPDry Matter Production
DMPDot Matrix Printer
DMPDecision Making Process (marketing)
DMPDual Music Player
DMPDossier Médical Partagé (French: Shared Medical Record)
DMPDesignated Mailer Protocol
DMPDisease Management Program
DMPDevelopment Management Process (UK)
DMPDefiance Metal Products (Ohio)
DMPDowntown Master Plan (various locations)
DMPDigital Media Project
DMPDevelopment Master Plan (various organizations)
DMPDestination Marketing Program (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
DMPData Management Plan
DMPDigital Mp3 Player
DMPDefault Management Process
DMPDisaster Management Plan
DMPDiscovery and Monitoring Plan
DMPDigital Music Products
DMPDess-Martin Periodinane (reagent)
DMPDouble Match Point (backgammon)
DMPDepot Modernization Period (US Navy)
DMPDeclarative Meta-Programming
DMPDesert Margins Program
DMPDual Masters Program (various schools)
DMPDirty Mo Posse
DMPDisaster Management Program
DMPDockside Monitoring Program
DMPDawn M. Photography (Chicago, IL)
DMPDigital Matte Painting (artwork)
DMPDoctor of Podiatric Medicine
DMPDirect Material Productivity
DMPDispositif et Moyen Particulier (French: Private Means Devices; energy industry)
DMPDynamic Multiple Parity (disk array)
DMPData Management Processor
DMPDetection Monitoring Program
DMPDisarmed Military Personnel (US Navy)
DMPDomestic Monitoring Program
DMPDoug Means Project (band)
DMPDouble Meat Palace (fictional restaurant; Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series)
DMPDisaster Mitigation Preparedness
DMPDocument Merge Processing
DMPDuelmasterp (EverythingX, gaming)
DMPDesign Master Plan
DMPDatabase Management Processor
DMPDepot Maintenance Period
DMPDeployment and Maintenance Platform
DMPDocument Management Plan (UK MoD)
DMPDaily Maintenance Pack
DMPDownlink Measurement Protocol
DMPDistributed Multimedia Plays (television)
DMPDecision Making Person
DMPDesignated Medical Practioner (Canadian doctor who examines immigrants)
DMPDon Meier Productions
DMPDirector, Military Programs
DMPDepot Maintenance Program
DMPDominant Movement Pattern (gymnastics)
DMPDouble Movable Pulley
DMPDisk-storage Management Program
DMPDeparture Metering Program (US FAA)
DMPDynamic Multi-Pathing
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The fall in the gross profit margin also offset the impact of lower adjusted effective interest rates, which fell by 0.2%-0.3% to 9.4% in 2015 under an active debt management program.
plans to redeem $250 million worth of convertible bonds ahead of 2017 maturity as part of its debt management program.
American Express offers its cardholders several options: a short-term customer assistance program (up to 12 months), a long-term consumer debt management program (more than 12 and up to 60 months), or collections, says Marina Hoffmann Norville, the company's director of public affairs and communications, risk and information management.
The Wave II sample includes 7,200 individuals from Wave I in addition of 300 people who joined the debt management program. A total of 6,329 individuals were sent a survey after deleting incomplete or inaccurate mailing addresses.
Since the early 1990s, the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, has had written debt policies to guide its debt management program (see Exhibit 1).
The senator also proposed that the P30 billion risk management program and the P25 billion debt management program be realigned for the rebuilding of hospitals and schools, the construction of homes, and additional subsidy to local governments.
His Chase credit card interest rate was reduced from 31.99% to 6%; Discover 14.99% to 12.99% (later increased to 15.64% after canceling the debt management program); Bank of America 19.99% to 9%; Zales 24.99% to 9.9%; and his Midas card stayed the same since the balance was low.
Raleigh, NC, February 09, 2011 --( CESI Debt Solutions, a national nonprofit credit counseling agency, announced today that 6,636 consumers nationwide graduated from its debt management program in 2010.
In fact, she is credited with saving taxpayers and businesses millions of dollars through the state's debt management program. Nappier also has invested money with black-owned private equity firms including Fairview Capital Partners Inc.