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DTEXDecitex (textiles; measuring unit for yarn; 1 gram per 10000 meters)
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Hyosung will showcase creora comforat, its value product featuring higher elongation and softer stretch from creora comfort polymer; a wide range of Dtex or decitex, types and colors and adhesive compatibility and outstanding creep resistance, as well as creator power fit, also a value product with superior process-ability and successful compatibility for spandex replacement.
For this, 1.5 m of yarn was weighed on the analytical balance and then the decitex (dtex) value was calculated.
Mahaini: We have introduced innovative microfibre mops from Decitex, which clean perfectly without using chemicals.
It's constructed from a durable .9mm 1100 decitex PVC, with a transom mount for an outboard, and a removable seat.
Single cotton yarn, of combed fibres, containing 85 percent or more by weight of cotton, measuring less than 19,231 decitex but not less than 125 decitex (exceeding 52 metric number but not exceeding 80 metric number), not put up for retail sale 5,105 ton in 2012 and 5,105 ton in 2013.
These 9.8% tariffs will cover Chinese exports to the EU of 'high tenacity yarn' used by auto manufacturers, including monofilament of less than 67 decitex. It is also used to strengthen tyres.
The decitex unit (dtex) is an international standard that shows the thickness of fiber, where 1 dtex is 1 g per 10 km of fiber.
120 turn/m HS 5403.32.000 Viscose rayon yarn, 0,704 320,7 - with a twisted > 5,3 713,2 - 120 turns/m HS 5403.41.000 Multiple yarn LT 67 389,6 297,8 2.720,4 Decitex of viscose 1.047,9 745,7 6.715,1 rayon Total 912,6 1.405,6 3.562,2 2.347 3.205 8.686,1 Types 2007 2008 HS 5403.10.000 - 1.037.1 High Tenacity Yarn - 2.096,3 of viscose Rayon HS 5403.31.000 Viscose rayon yarn, 1.442,5 919,9 untwisted or with 4.166,2 3.319,0 a twisted LTE.
The fiber linear density before splitting is 2 decitex (dtex).
The fibres have a gauge of 1,670 decitex and Teijin expects to produce 10 tonnes--enough for .50,000 tyres--a month this year rising to 30 tonnes a month in 2011.