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This age included the Financial Fitness Contest, which featured the Declaration of Financial Empowerment, a set of 10 principles to be used as a guide to develop sound financial habits.
Declaration of Financial Empowerment nearly a decade ago, the idea was to create a program to help African Americans build wealth.
Declaration of Financial Empowerment From this day forward, I declare my vigilant and lifelong commitment to financial empowerment and hereby pledge the following:
It is in tough economic times that our commitment to the 10 principles of the BE Declaration of Financial Empowerment becomes more critical than ever.
Though he's single and not yet a father, Mack's passion for seeing African American children grow in financial wisdom is a clear example of Declaration of Financial Empowerment principle No.
Unless you learn and practice the principles of wealth building as detailed in the Black Enterprise Declaration of Financial Empowerment (, the money you'll earn and the assets you'll acquire during the course of your lifetime will only slip through your fingers to be claimed by others.
A family physician in Cincinnati, Lewis, 32, started the nonprofit Village Life Outreach Project in 2004, exemplifying his commitment to Declaration of Financial Empowerment principle No.
To help African Americans focus on adopting the habits that build wealth, we identified the 10 principles of our Declaration of Financial Empowerment, created the Black Enterprise Wealth Building Kit (downloadable for free at, and introduced contests designed to encourage homeownership and financial literacy.
The Washingtons--who exemplify BLACK ENTERPISE Declaration of Financial Empowerment principle No.
So with a clear goal in mind, Fenderson committed herself to Declaration of Financial Empowerment Principle No.
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