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DOPDominican Peso (ISO currency code)
DOPDirector of Photography
DOPDiameter of Particle(s)
DOPDegree of Parallelism (database management systems)
DOPDeclaration of Performance (Construction Products Regulation; EU)
DOPDegree of Polarization (fiber optics)
DOPDepartment of Personnel
DOPDilution Of Precision (GPS)
DOPDioctyl Phthalate
DOPDepartment of Posts (Ministry of Communications, India)
DOPDate of Production
DOPDate of Payment
DOPDate of Publication
DOPDenominazione d'Origine Protetta (Italian: Protected Designation of Origin)
DOPDegree of Protection (target analysis and terminal ballistics)
DOPDivision of Personnel (various locations)
DOPDeclaration of Principles
DOPDepartment of Psychiatry (various organizations)
DOPDeclaration of Peace
DOPDelineation of Privileges (health care)
DOPDaughters of Penelope
DOPDirect Object Pronoun (education)
DOPDepth Of Penetration
DOPData-Oriented Parsing (computational linguistics)
DOPDifference Of Perception
DOPDivision of Privileges
DOPDetailed Operating Procedure
DOPDropping Outward Pilot (maritime industry)
DOPDate of Purchase
DOPDirector of Pharmacy
DOPDirector of Operations
DOPDispositif Opérationnel de Protection (French: Device Operational Protection)
DOPDivisional Operating Profit
DOPDestruction of Property (crime)
DOPDepartment Operating Procedure
DOPDirect Operating Profit
DOPDirectory Operational Binding Management Protocol
DOPDrop Off Point
DOPFormai de Mut Dell'Alta Val Brembana (Italian)
DOPDaily Operating Plan
DOPDay One Purchase
DOPUnited States Department of Peace
DOPDiver Operated Plug
DOPDomain of Pain (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
DOPDigital Offset Press
DOPDesktop Optimisation Pack (Microsoft)
DOPDesignated Overhaul Point (rework facility)
DOPDissolved Organic Phosphorous
DOPDispersed Oil Particulate (filtration testing)
DOPDirector of Procurement (job)
DOPDevelopment Options Paper
DOPDirectory Operational Protocol
DOPDublin Orchestral Players
DOPDaily Obnoxious Post
DOPDropped Object Protection (Structures)
DOPDisaster Operations Plan
DOPDecoy Operating Program
DOPDrawing Office Practice
DOPData/Date Object Processed
DOPDevelopmental Opportunities Program
DOPDiffractive Optics Plate
DOPDevelopment Operations Paper
DOPDetachment Operating Procedure
DOPDepth of Plane
DOPDepot Overhaul Plan
DOPDigitally Operated Potentiometer
DOPDrain Open Failure Mode
DOPDirty Old Pervert
DOPDirect Owner Purchase
DOPDirector of Payments
DOPDirector of Props
DOPDesktop Operating Procedure
DOPDivision of Occupational Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DOPDivision of Prisons (North Carolina)
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To develop this agenda, four planning sessions: 2017 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, 5th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting, Peace Education Development Forum for Spreading a Culture of Peace, and Conference for Global Peace Media Network were held on the first day of the event on 17th.
It begins: "We, as people of faith, proclaim this as a universal declaration of peace.
The society's various initiatives include: the HipHop Declaration of Peace (a set of eighteen principles that "guides hip hop Kulture toward freedom from violence, and establishes advice and protection for the existence and development of the international hip hop community"); and HipHop Appreciation Week ("a time set aside to assess the progress of the 'conscious' hip hop movement, as well as one's own role within such a movement").
2008 KEY PLAYERS Bertie joins Northern Ireland ministers at the 10th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in Belfast yesterday; 1998 MAKING HISTORY Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair sign the declaration of peace
With the declaration of peace Arthur returned to M&B's Cape Hill branch and was responsible for visiting the hundreds of pubs the brewery owned across the Midlands.
Santa Cruz joined with the local Declaration of Peace Campaign in Stand on the Corner for Peace in Iraq.
They were protesting the war in Iraq as part of a national faith-based Declaration of Peace initiative.
The Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to get U.
Members of the coalition--which include American Friends Service Committee, Progressive Democrats of America, the Hip Hop Caucus, School of the Americas Watch, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, a number of Franciscan Sisters communities, Erie Benedictines for Peace, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and the Episcopal Peace Fellowship--began meeting in January and drafted a Declaration of Peace pledge for people to sign.
The answer, of course, is far too often for the latest declaration of peace to promise much.
The community of Aurukun celebrated the declaration of peace following the Second World War by recognising the first born baby as the peace baby.
THIS documentary is the first detailed television account of the meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill in 1941 that climaxed with the Atlantic Charter, a joint declaration of peace aims.
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