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The attendees of this year's peace-building conference in Africa including dignitaries, religious leaders, educators, civil society, youth, and media across Africa brought out the principles of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) as a solution to conflicts between religions and ethnicities as well as a part of solving the social issues such as discrimination and corruption.
"(It) is a declaration of peace, which affirms to the world that there will be no more war and nuclear threats on the Korean Peninsula.
Dr Ramesh Vankwani also urged the need for taking solid steps for practical implementation of the HWPL's Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) which is driven by civil society, including women and youth communities.
In this context she commended the Sri Lankan experts who have worked and are working in these organizations for their dedication as well as for their assistance to Sri Lanka over the years, and recalling Ambassador Aryasinha's call on expatriate Sri Lankans and organizations to help in making the 'Declaration of Peace' pledge a reality abroad in practical ways she invited the overseas Sri Lankans and their associations to continue their good efforts to promote peace, prosperity and harmony in Sri Lanka.
Writes Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau in the poem "Women's Declaration of Peace," the final selection of the anthology, "Peace is an answer/to all the wounds inflicted/on our dignity,/day after day./Peace is the condition of our healing."
The Bahraini youth delegation signed with other participating youth and women's delegations on a Law for Establishment of Peace which will be submitted to all participating countries in order to activate the Declaration of Peace which had been signed earlier today by political and religious leaders participating in the global peace conference.
Dear reader, it is not hard to find a smart-aleck historian or two who will pooh-pooh this yarn but your faithful columnist, delving ever deeper in search of corroboration, has found it: The Guardian of December 28, 1966, recorded a meeting between the London correspondent of Pravda and the Mayor of Berwick from which came "a mutual declaration of peace".
According to CMC's sources, the security forces showed an unannounced restraint in their operations in FATA against militants after All Party Conference's unanimous declaration of peace talks with the militants.
City officials on hand for the declaration of peace included Mayor Joseph M.
The author's focus on local ideas of the ways in which life should be, and the social relationships that underpin these ideas, helps to explain why many Machazians believe that they cannot return 'home' as the war remains too 'hot' years after the declaration of peace. Although the shooting has stopped and the state has been transformed, the memories, enmities and alliances remain--and it seems, as Lubkemann argues, that the war, or at least the social dynamics that grew from it, have become a way of life for his informants.
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