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I had seen her 'The Decline of Western Civilization' documentary about the rock scene on the Sunset Strip and learned a lot about that scene.
Not the decline of western civilization predicted by historian Oswald Spengler in 1918.
Jewish scholar Dennis Prager has remarked that "the acceptance of homosexuality as the equal of heterosexuality signifies the decline of Western civilization as surely as the rejection of homosexuality and other non-marital sex made the creation of this civilization possible?
The article relates the nature of this relationship to the concept of the decline of Western civilization, a major theme in all three texts.
So how, then, is raising children the unifying theme of a book about the decline of Western civilization?
There were three of the Decline of Western Civilization films made, and the second is pretty damn good, although it's about the metal.
I believe with that destruction of marriage will come the decline of Western civilization itself."
In his telling, the rise of neo-Jacobinism is related to the general decline of Western civilization, a decline hastened by democracy's expansion.
We think Spheeris has the chops to deliver the more kick-ass Joplin movie, judging by the two seminal punk music films she wrote and directed in the early 1980s: Decline of Western Civilization (1981), about the L.A.
A gay character on the big screen in a 1986 movie who complains of weight loss and night sweats, in the middle of a film about the decline of Western civilization (it's even in the title!), and we're supposed to assume it's not AIDS?
It's also a joyful punk lifestyle manifesto akin to "Another State of Mind" and the original "Decline of Western Civilization." Beyond gay fest travel and vid sales to fans, pic could spin novel subject matter toward specialized arthouse exposure, conceivably providing Tribe 8 broader exposure.
In "The Reactionary Loyalties of John Lukacs," Lee Congdon brings the reader into beneficent contact with an independent-minded historian and a creative and humane thinker, "'a European American, a European Hungarian,'" who is not beguiled by the blandishments of ideology or the siren-calls of the "terrible simplifiers"; who remains steadfast in his loyalty to Eurocentric and logocentric foundations; who refuses to hide or suppress his moral apprehension of the accelerating decline of Western civilization. In Lukacs one meets a living historian who reveres "the remembered past" and the ethical and human values passed down through the ages and points the way to piety and wisdom.