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DBDeutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railways, 1994 amalgamation with Deutsche Reichsbahn, aka DBAG)
DBDeutsche Bank
DBDragon Ball (processor)
DBDeutsche Bahn AG (German railway company)
DBDefined Benefit (type of qualified retirement plan)
DBDragonBall (TV show/anime)
DBDefensive Back (football)
DBDropbox (file hosting service)
DBData Bus
DBDouble Bass
DBDiscussion Board
DBDebug (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
DBDesign and Build (contract)
DBData Buffer
DBDaytona Beach (Florida)
DBDaily Bulletin
DBDon't Bother (chat slang)
DBDavid Bowie (musician)
DBDiamond Bar (California)
DBDry Bulb (temperature)
DBDavid Beckham (footballer)
DBDobra (unit of currency of Sao Tome and Principe)
DBDaimler Benz
DBDena Bank (India)
DBDie Bahn (German Railways)
DBDynamic Bass
DBDaniel Bryan (professional wrestler)
DBDeed Book (Recorder of Deeds)
DBDead Body
DBDark Brotherhood (gaming)
DBDragon Boat
DBDOSBox (DOS emulator)
DBDirect Broadcast
DBDresdner Bank (Germany)
DBDaughter Board
DBDeath Benefit (insurance)
DBDavid Byrne (singer)
DBDumbbell (weight lifting)
DBDierks Bentley (country music artist)
DBDiscovery Bay (Hong Kong)
DBDirect Burial (cable/pipe)
DBDouble Base (rocket propellants)
DBDisability Benefit (various organizations)
DBDomonic Brown (baseball player)
DBDubnium (element 105)
DBDavid Blaine
DBDirty Bastard
DBDattebayo (anime fansub group)
DBDoobie Brothers (band)
DBDavid Boreanaz (actor)
DBDeclining Balance
DBDrew Bledsoe (athlete)
DBDistribution Box
DBDooney & Bourke
DBDouche Bag
DBDifficulty Breathing (medical)
DBDimmu Borgir (band)
DBDispatched By
DBDark Beginning (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
DBDouble Bottom (trading markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
DBDoor Bell
DBDigital Blasphemy
DBDooney and Bourke
DBDouble Bottom (shipbuilding)
DBDistribution Board (electronics)
DBDangling Bond (chemistry)
DBDefine Byte (assembly language directive)
DBDivision of Biology (FDA)
DBDetective Branch (Bangladesh)
DBDumb Blond
DBDenied Boarding (airline)
DBDesign Baseline
DBDeutsche Burschenschaft (German: German Fraternity)
DBDrinking Buddies
DBDirect Bilirubin
DBDelta Band
DBDocking Bay
DBDelayed Broadcast
DBDirect Billing
DBDigital Battlefield
DBDeathball (gaming)
DBDetective Bureau
DBDirect Budget
DBDream Boat
DBDime Bag
DBDutch Belted (rabbit breed)
DBDip Brazing
DBDog's Bollocks
DBDisciplinary Barracks
DBDing Bat
DBDigital Burst (gaming clan)
DBSao Tome Dobra (national currency)
DBDumb Bunny
DBDeutsch-Bonnet (French racing car)
DBDisplay Builder
DBDetection Buffer
DBDry Base
DBDepth Bomb
DBDedicated Buffer
DBDaryl Baxter (Nebraska)
DBDon Balón (soccer magazine; Spain)
DBDegraded Being (Scientology term)
DBDeadbeat Parent (someone who does not pay child support)
DBDouble Brew
DBDefence Board
DBDrunken Brawler (gaming)
DBDoggabyte (1e+30 bytes)
DBDarkenbane (Everquest Guild)
DBDiffuse Bipolar (cell)
DBdiluted bitumen
DBDünya Bankasý (Turkish: World Bank)
DBDispersal Base
DBBalloon drift
DBDepartment of Defense Beneficiary (US DoD)
DBDome Breach
DBDual Bitmap (Annex C) (ITU-T)
DBDynamic Binateness (of a variable)
DBDevelopmental Bulletin (USMC)
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The Government expressed concern that grants would have to be paid "in theory ad infinitum due to the reducing nature of the annual declining balance payments".
1245(b)(4) recapture eligible for cost segregation gain can be triggered Bonus Depreciation * Componentization can * Detailed documentation increase bonus depreciation required and the "catch-up" adjustment * "Component only" can qualify * Limited eligibility period if time requirements not met on larger property Repairs * IRS insists on same definition of "unit of property" for repairs and cost segregation AMT * "Catch-up" available to AMT * Refund limited to 20% of taxpayers "catch-up" for corporate taxpayers * Maximum recovery on tangible personal property is 150% declining balance method DPAD * Can provide rationale for * DPAD cannot increase an NOL allocating gross receipts to DPGR * DPAD can be reduced or eliminated in NOL carryover years
Clearly, the authors of these provisions never envisioned the advent of the 100% bonus, which reduces the remaining adjusted depreciable basis to zero, leaving nothing to which one can apply either the declining balance calculations or the table percentages.
The HUD program will offer a declining balance, deferred payment "bridge loan" for up to $50,000 to help eligible borrowers with payment on mortgage principal, interest, mortgage insurance, taxes and hazard insurance for up to 24 months.
The bonds are to mature on December 31, 2013 and will bear interest at a rate of 10 per cent per annum on the declining balance.
In the declining balance method, the beginning-of-year book value is multiplied by a fixed rate.
The property, depending on its character (whether it is tangible or intangible, personal property, or residential or nonresidential real estate), may be depreciated using the straight line, 200%, 150%, or 125% declining balance, the sum of the years' digits, or any reasonable, consistently used method.
The problems everyone may face include declining vision/hearing, declining balance, obesity, decreased strength/eudurance/muscle mass, and decreased bone density.
They are as follows: straight-line (SLN), sum of the years' digits (SYD), declining balance (DB), double-declining balance (DDB), and variable declining balance (VDB).
Table 6-6 compares the depreciation expense under the straight-line, sum-of-years-digits, and declining balance methods for the Farmers' truck.
The current 30 percent declining balance approach in Canada results in an average write-off period of 11 years, compared with four or five years in the U.S.
Tax parameters used in the calculations Turkey 2005 Nominal corporate income tax rate 30% Effective Real Estate Tax 2.1% Valuation of inventories Weighted average cost Capital allowances for Industrial Buildings Year 1-5: Declining Balance 20%, Year 6-10: Straight-Line, 6.55%.