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DILDeed-in-Lieu (finance)
DILDual In-Line (integrated circuits)
DILDigital Image Library
DILDigital Impairment Learning (modems)
DILDirect Inward Line
DILDigital Integration Laboratory (Army Software Engineering Center)
DILDerived Intervention Levels
DILDeliverable Items List
DILDigital Integrated Laboratory
DILDichiarazione di Inizio Lavori (Italian: Declaration of the Start of Work)
DILDielectric Image Line
DILDépartement d'Informatique de Luminy
DILDigital Information Laboratory
DILDaily Instruction Logs
DILDrainable Interstitial Liquid
DILDilan Interactive Learning (free tech training downloads and printouts)
DILDisconnected, Interrupted, and Low-bandwidth
DILDirector of International Logistics
DILData Interchange Language
DILDeferred Item List
DILDisplayed Impact Line (US Air Force; fighter plane guide)
DILDirect Industrial License (India)
DILDear Investigator Letter (healthcare)
DILDifferential Insertion Loss (optical systems)
DILDiagnostics Immobiliers Lyonnais (French: Lyon Real Estate Diagnostics)
DILDistribution Idéale Libre (French: Ideal Free Distribution; ecology)
DILDivision de l'Intendance et de la Logistique (French: Division of Stewardship and Logistics)
DILDangerous Illness List
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A carefully drafted and negotiated deed-in-lieu contract where a borrower willingly turns over the keys to a property within 30 to 60 days can save a great amount of time, money and distress for lenders.
As part of that arrangement, Anglo Irish claims in court papers filed in response to Delshah's latest lawsuit, that a deed-in-lieu was prepared in case of another default, permitting an easier sale of the property, court records show.
With the start of HAFA, Lenders and Servicers will be processing a record number of Short Sale and Deed-In-Lieu dispositions," says Saitta.
If a homeowner involved in a foreclosure, a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure has any questions about this issue, Alexander recommends that they hire an attorney to determine if their mortgage company has any basis for legal action.
The review tool proposes the best resolutions for the lender, servicer and borrower, which can range from lender-specific modification and forbearance plans to short sales, deed-in-lieu options and government-sponsored programs, including all aspects of HAMP, HARP and HAFA for both first and second liens.
Our platform can handle every aspect of default that our clients need--from loan segmentation to loan modification, short sale, deed-in-lieu, invoicing, foreclosure processing and REO [real cstate-owned].
1 million interest payment, Tishman Speyer and BlackRock last month agreed to turn the 110-building complex over to creditors in a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.
The Partnership currently owns two properties acquired through foreclosures and one acquired through a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transaction and has no remaining mortgage loans.
As more and more distressed properties become available for sale as a result of deed-in-lieu transactions, toreclosures or bankruptcies, Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman has been called upon with increasing frequency to advise and counsel prospective purchasers prior to the purchase of these properties.
HAFA is intended for homeowners who were declined under the Home Affordable Modification Program, enabling homeowners to satisfy their mortgage obligation by completing a short sale or deed-in-lieu on their property.
In the new data for the period through November 2010, the number of BofA homeowners with canceled trial HAMP mods who were in the process of a short-sale or deed-in-lieu transaction totaled 19,667.
For transfers of real property to lending and other secured parties in a foreclosure or deed-in-lieu transaction, "consideration" will be limited to the fair market value of the property transferred.