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DCAMdigital camera
DCAMDivision of Capital Asset Management (Massachusetts)
DCAMDeep Cameo (coins)
DCAMDépartement Conception et Assistance Multimédia (French: Design and Multimedia Support Department)
DCAMDublin Core Abstract Model (programming syntax)
DCAMDMLSS (Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support) Customer Assistance Module
DCAMDirect Chip Attach Module
DCAMDiversité des Expressions Culturelles et Artistiques, et Mondialisations (French: Diversity of Cultural and Artistic Expressions, and Globalization)
DCAMDynamic Computer Aided Machining (machine tool co-processor used in manufacturing)
DCAMDialysis Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity
DCAMDiscrete Component Analogue Modelling (software synthesis)
DCAMDynamic Content Associative Memory
DCAMDynamic Contact Angle Measurement (experiment)
DCAMDynamic Capability Assessment Model (software package)