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DRIEDeep Reactive Ion Etching
DRIEDepartment of Regional Industrial Expansion (Canadian)
DRIEDisaster Recovery Information Exchange (Canada)
DRIEDisability Rent Increase Exemption (est. 2005; New York)
DRIEDismantling Racism Institute for Educators (National Conference for Community and Justice)
DRIEDrinking-Related Internal-External (scale)
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The anisotropic etching with holes array pattern is formed by deep reactive ion etching of silicon wafer.
As the first big step in the project, deep reactive ion etching was used to produce the 4-millimeter turbine wheel, which features blades with spans of 200 microns, and a 10-micron bearing gap between the rotor disk and the stator base plate.
Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP)
This residue is left over from the passivation step of the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process that s used to make TSVs.
Among such equipment, mention can be made of scanning tunneling microscope (STM), atomic force microscope (AFM), BET, deep reactive ion etching (DRIE), HiReSPECT and capillary electrophoresis instrument.
Tenders are invited for One system for silicon deep reactive ion etching