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DUVDeep Ultraviolet
DUVDeutscher Universitäts Verlag (German: German University Publishers)
DUVDeutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung (German: German Ultra Marathon Association)
DUVDaughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
DUVDesign Under Verification
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However, current deep ultraviolet LEDs have some problems.
The program will leverage the recent development of large single-crystal AlN substrates into robust semiconductor sources of deep ultraviolet light as well as other high power, high temperature applications of great importance to the military.
This product range enables measurement of the energy/pulse or average power of pulsed lasers from the nanojoule to the multi-joule level over wavelengths ranging from the deep ultraviolet through the far infrared and from single pulses to repetition rates of 10 kHz (with measurement of every pulse).
NIST researchers have uncovered a potentially serious optical problem affecting designs for future generations of semiconductor manufacturing equipment using deep ultraviolet light.
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