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Heddiw, petai digwyddiadau Mai 68 yn ddylanwad neu ddim, mae cenhedlaeth newydd o gerddorion, artistiaid, beirdd a llenorion sydd yn ymwrthod a'r 'default button'.
This is unfortunate because I like to route my primary camera to button 1 and not the default button 5 that corresponds with the first SDI input on the video switcher (HDMI occupies 1--4 and SDI 5--8).
To undo any changes click the Reset all to default button.
The council pressed its default button and created a featureless "pocket park" instead.
Women often [bear] the brunt of their partner's latent stress and this is not helped with the inclination of many South Africans to keep firearms at homea[bar] Indeed, resorting to violence has become a default button for many South African men."
"It's always convenient, when faced with all the societal changes going on around us, to hit the default button and continue doing the same things we've always done," says Dunwoody.
Again, the button image in Figure 6 shows the default button image, and the button image in Figure 4(b) shows the touched button image.
Also new with the software update is an updated default button setting for SolidWorks on the SpacePilot PRO's Intelligent Function Keys, as well as on the SpaceExplorer(tm) and SpacePilot(tm) Speed Keys.
You can set a default format by clicking on the Default button. And if you check Update automatically, Word will insert the current date every time you print the document.
" onto this application." buttons "OK" default button 1 else if result is not {} then display dialog "the Alias(es) have been added to " & ??
You might also want to make this the default by clicking the Default button after you change it.