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DMNDallas Morning News (newspaper)
DMNDigital Media Network
DMNDimethylnitrosamine (carcinogen)
DMNDefault Mode Network (brain area)
DMNDecision Model & Notation
DMNDorsal Motor Nucleus (vagus nerve)
DMNDisease Management Nurse
DMNDefective Material Notification (various companies)
DMNData Multiplexing Network
DMNDefective Material Notice
DMNDiscrete Memoryless Network
DMNDocument Management Number
DMNDigital Milti-Network
DMNDynamic Mesh Network
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The data established that creative people tend to rely on three main subsections of the brain for ideas - the default mode network, the salience network and the executive control network - although different regions of the brain were also utilised.
While the data showed that regions across the brain were involved in creative thought, Beaty said the evidence pointed to three subnetworks -- the default mode network, the salience network and the executive control network -- that appear to play key roles in creative thought.
His opening up to his 'silent zone' is an exact description of our brain's ability to drop into the recently discovered Default Mode Network, where many believe the deepest parts of our true sense of Self exists.
The retrosplenial posterior cingulate cortex, part of the default mode network, is involved in emotional functioning, learning, planning, navigation, as well as autobiographical, episodic, and visuospatial memory.
The default mode network (DMN), the resting state network of the brain, is responsible for cognitive and emotional aspects of pain; as such, the DMN was used as the comparison basis for changes in neural connectivity during stimulator-induced pain relief.
The plausibility of Trivers' thesis has grown over the last two decades, in tandem with the continuing elaboration of the Bayesian Brain, the operations and reach of its Default Mode Network, and the clinical phenomenology of memories of the future.
This more vigilant brain system is the left hemisphere's default mode network, a collection of nerve cells active when the brain isn't doing anything in particular.
Studies have identified increased activity in one important brain network, called the default mode network (DMN), in people at risk for depressionfor example, those with a family history of major depressive disorder.
This default mode network, as Raichle calls it, is active when we are staring into space, as well as when we are falling asleep or waking up (Raichle et al.
After introducing the field of organizational neuroscience, the collection proposes a theoretical framework for locating neural processes appropriately within the wider context of organizational cognitive activities, considers the value of neuroimaging technologies for organizational research, and applies the opposing-domains hypothesis to task positive network and default mode network thinking.
Functional connectivity studies have suggested that aging is related to decreased connectivity patterns in the Default Mode Network (DMN; [1-4]) but influences also attention networks and sensory-motor systems [5-8].