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DAASDepartment of African American Studies (various schools)
DAASData Acquisition and Analysis System (software)
DAASDerecho Animal a Ser (animal rights organization; various locations)
DAASDivision of Aging and Adult Services (various states)
DAASData as a Service
DAASDepartment of Aging and Adult Services
DAASDesktops As A Service (virtualized Desktop environment on a subscription basis)
DAASDefense Automatic Addressing System
DAASDirect Armor Attachment System (trademark of CamelBak)
DAASDoug Anthony Allstars (Australian comedy trio)
DAASDetroit Arab American Study (Michigan)
DAASDistribution Adjustment Assistance Scheme
DAASDiplomate in the American Academy of Sanitarians
DAASDrunk as a Skunk (Internet slang)
DAASDelivery as a Service
DAASDepartment of Defense Advanced Automation System
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Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) functions as an automated system for routing the DoD distribution data traffic and provides document processing and data information services.
7, "The Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) shall provide conversion services (DLMS to DLSS and DLSS to DLMS) until all DOD components have implemented approved commercial standards and business processes and these corporate conversion services are no longer needed.
The Logistics Information Processing System (LIPS) provides requisition, supply status, and shipping status information for all requisitions processed through the Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS);
Transportation Command to find innovative solutions and improve the distribution process, the agencies have renewed a memorandum of agreement between TRANSCOM's Global Transportation Network 21 and DLNs Defense Automatic Addressing System Center.
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