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The hot-spot problem was first noted in an April 21 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board inspection report.
The board is an independent federal organization that advises the president about public health and safety issues at Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities.
His responsibilities included serving as the primary technical point of contact for the design agencies, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board and other advisory organizations regarding the development, integration and implementation of nuclear safety requirements for operations at Pantex and Y-12.
14, more than 100 times as much radiation likely would have escaped into the environment, said Peter Winokur, chairman of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, a federal oversight agency.
Last year, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, a congressional watchdog agency, raised concerns of possible failures of the fire protection system and the potential threat of a fire or accidental high-explosive blast which could disperse plutonium and other nuclear materials into the air.
The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board has questioned DOE assumptions about pumping out some of the liquid waste, finding there are uncertainties about what a change in temperature, pressure or chemistry would mean to the rate of leaking and to the physical condition of the tank, which is more than 40 years old.
The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DFNSB) warned that residents near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State could be in danger from release of radioactive wastes from an explosion of hydrogen gas building up in underground tanks holding the wastes.
In March, representatives of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Board held a hearing in Kennecik, Wash.
The growth, described as "white, string-like" material, was found among thousands of spent fuel assemblies submerged in deep pools within the site's L Area, according to a report filed by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.
Department of Energy should create more rigorous safety precautions to prevent leakage in pipes that transfer radioactive waste at the Hanford tank farms, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board says.
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