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DGUDansk Golf Union
DGUDeutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie (German: German Society for Trauma Surgery)
DGUDefensive Gun Use
DGUDennis Gyomber Urology (Australia)
DGUDirecteur Général Unique (French: Unique General Director)
DGUDensity Gradient Ultracentrifugation
DGUDouble Glazed Unit (window)
DGUDanmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse (Denmark's Geological Survey)
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DGUDeutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie eV (Duesseldorf, Germany)
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(103) For estimates on annual defensive gun use, see Kleck & Gertz, supra note 63, at 182-87 (providing statistics on defensive gun use, both from previous studies and from more current research).
Reduced to a matter of dollars and cents," he said, "the savings to cities from defensive gun uses dwarf the cost of gun violence."
defensive gun use would be only 0.32% or about 600,000 uses per year.
Hemenway desperately needed to discredit Kleck, because it is Kleck's research and findings against which all defensive gun use research is now judged.
households experience a defensive gun use (DGU) in any one year, compared to the Mauser survey's estimate of 3.79% of households over a five year period, or about 0.76% in any one year, assuming an even distribution over the five year period, and no repeat uses.(19)
That old argument is further bolstered by resurrecting a Violence Policy Center "study" concluding defensive gun uses are vastly outweighed by "gun deaths," and having that repeated in the media ad nauseam as if it were the truth.
But claims about millions of annual "defensive gun uses" are not backed up by reliable data.
Cramer and Burnett's paper, "Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens," does not settle the issue, but it attempts to balance our understanding of firearms in America by presenting information derived from a 5,000-case sample of defensive gun uses reported in newspapers from 2003 through 2011.
Its hard to quantify "defensive gun uses" precisely because most don't show up on "countable" police reports.
They say that their observations suggest that defensive gun uses, though possible and do occur each year, are less likely to be successful.
Likewise, isn't there a truth to the plethora of other questions that have vexed social scientists in recent years, like what led to the drop in crime in the United States in the mid-1990s (and why rates are slowly creeping back up again) and whether more stringent gun control might possibly have a crime-enhancing (and not just a crime-inhibiting) effect as it reduces not only the availability of guns to lawbreakers but also presumably many defensive gun uses as well?