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DRSDrag Reduction System (automobile racing)
DRSDirect Registration System (securities)
DRSDrives (street suffix)
DRSDivision of Rehabilitation Services (various locations)
DRSDepartment of Rural Sociology (various schools)
DRSDepartment of Rehabilitative Services
DRSDepartment of Rehabilitation Services
DRSDepartment of Revenue Services (Connecticut)
DRSDecission Review System (cricket)
DRSDépartement de Renseignement et de Sécurité (French: Department of Intelligence and Security; Algeria)
DRSDispute Resolution System (realtors)
DRSDispute Resolution Service
DRSData Recovery Service
DRSDefensive Runs Saved (baseball statistic)
DRSDevelopmental Research School (Florida)
DRSDesignated Record Set (medical records; various organizations)
DRSDust Removal System (cleaning equipment)
DRSDistributed Resource Scheduling (VMWare Virtual Infrastructure 3)
DRSDisaster Recovery Software
DRSDocument Recognition System
DRSDcp Retransmission System
DRSDomino Runtime Services
DRSDriver Reliability Signature
DRSDirectory Replicator Service
DRSDriver Resource
DRSDistributed Resource Scheduler
DRSDisc Recognition Service
DRSDocument Registration System
DRSDisplay Resource
DRSData Resident Set
DRSData Recovery Services
DRSDisaster Response Services (various organizations)
DRSData Reduction Software (imaging technology)
DRSDementia Rating Scale
DRSDiabetic Retinopathy Study (US NIH)
DRSDéclaration des Risques Sociaux (French: Declaration of Social Risks; Belgium)
DRSDisaster Recovery System
DRSDago Radio Sound (Internet radio)
DRSDeficiency Reporting System
DRSDoctors' Reform Society of Australia
DRSDeposito Rotabili Storici (Italian: Historical Rolling Stock Depot)
DRSData Repository System (business information system)
DRSDisability Rating Scale
DRSDeutsche Rallye Serie (German: German Rally Series)
DRSDriving Rights Suspended (Franklin County Municipal Court; Columbus, OH)
DRSDirty Rotten Scoundrels (rap group)
DRSData Relay Satellite
DRSDynamic Resource Scheduling (VMware technolgy to provide computing resources on demand)
DRSDocument Retrieval Service (various locations)
DRSDevelopment Review Services (various locations)
DRSDiscourse Representation Structure
DRSDebtor Reporting System (World Bank)
DRSDialogues et Relations Sociales (French: Dialogues and Social Relations)
DRSDiffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRSDielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
DRSDecreasing Returns to Scale
DRSDigital Recording System
DRSDisturbance Reduction System
DRSDub-Room Special (Frank Zappa video)
DRSDrum Recovery System
DRSDaily Report Sheet
DRSDisaster Recovery Strategy
DRSDocument Retrieval System
DRSDirt Road Scholars (music band)
DRSDuane Retraction Syndrome
DRSData Reduction System
DRSDigital Reference Service
DRSDecompression, Reduction and Stabilization (lumbar spine)
DRSDansk Radiologisk Selskab (Danish Society of Radiology)
DRSDresden, Germany - Dresden (Airport Code)
DRSDisaster Reconnaissance System (trailers)
DRSRadio der Deutschen Und Rätoromanischen Schweiz (Radio of the German and Rhaeto-Romanic speaking Switzerland)
DRSData Retention Solution
DRSDauphiné Rénovation Services (France)
DRSWordPerfect Driver Resource (File Name Extension)
DRSDirectory Replication Service
DRSData Retrieval and Storage
DRSDeutscher Rechnungslegungsstandard (German accounting standard)
DRSDoppler Radar System
DRSDynamic Report System
DRSDivision of Radiation Safety
DRSData Rate Selector
DRSDropsonde Receiver Subsystem
DRSDiagnostic Reading Scales
DRSDigital Reference Sequence
DRSDirectory Retrieval System (US Postal Service)
DRSDéfense et Restauration du Sol (French: Defense and Restoration of Soil)
DRSDépartement Recherches Subatomiques (French: Subatomic Research Department; Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien; Strasbourg, France)
DRSData Retrieval Subsystem
DRSDiscrepancy Reporting System
DRSData Relay Station
DRSDivision Restructuring Study
DRSDelayed Reaction Syndrome
DRSDeployable Red Switch
DRSDouble-Ring-With-Star (network topology)
DRSDesign Reference System
DRSDoctor of Religious Science
DRSDigital Radar Simulator
DRSDeployment Readiness Service
DRSData Receiving Station
DRSDistributed Rate Splitting
DRSDigital Reconfiguration Service (WorldCom)
DRSData Refinement System
DRSDocument Review Sheet
DRSDesign Requirements Specifications
DRSData Recording Subsystem
DRSDevelopment Requirement Specification
DRSDetention Records System
DRSDynamic Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRSDynamic Resonance Systems Incorporated
DRSDependability Requirements Specification
DRSDexterous Robotics System
DRSDépartement de Recherches en Sécurité (French: Department of Safety Research; Institut de Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
DRSDetecting & Ranging Set
DRSDigital Receiving Station
DRSDetailed Requirements Statement (Sprint)
DRSDigital Reconnaissance System
DRSDominion Report Series
DRSDeae Romae Sacrum (Latin: Sacred to the Godess Rome, epigraphy)
DRSDealer Recommended Service
DRSDedicated Request Slot
DRSDriver Record Surcharge (insurance)
DRSDrawing Retrieval System
DRSDistribution Receiving Station
DRSDriveline Remanufacture System
DRSDestination Rail Station
DRSDry Reed Switch
DRSDoped Repeat Scramble (data transmission)
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The 31-year-old has been known to be strong defensively throughout his career, owning 20 defensive runs saved at second base and 19 at third base, (https://thatballsouttahere.com/2018/12/27/phillies-rumors-suitor-harrison/) Fansided  noted.
To give great defensive players their due--using defensive stats DRS (Defensive Runs Saved, indicating how many runs a player saved or hurt his team in the field compared to the average player at his position, with a score of zero being average), range factor, putouts, assists and errors--here is one writer's selection, excluding pitchers, for a 2017 All-Defensive Team:
Strong fielding teams have performed well in the post-season in recent years and the Dodgers have the third-highest Defensive Runs Saved in the National League this season.
Defensive Runs Saved. In The Fielding Bible, Volume II, John Dewan takes the defensive metrics in the first volume and translates them into runs--into runs saved, that is, or Defensive Runs Saved.
According to Fangraphs, Andujar ranked last in 2018 with minus-25 defensive runs saved among all third basemen.
Despite playing in half as many games, he racked up 19 defensive runs saved, only Nolan Arenado (20) had more among third basemen.
outfielders with 16 assists and 24 defensive runs saved in 2015, had six assists through the end of May of the 2016 campaign.
The Cubs' Gonzalez had made just 10 errors in 150 regular-season games, taking part in 95 double plays, compiling a .984 fielding percentage and being credited with two Defensive Runs Saved, according to Baseball Info Solutions' newly created category.
Despite a career .298 OBP, Simmons leads all shortstops in Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) since his arrival with the Atlanta Braves in 2012.
According to Baseball Info Solutions' Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) statistic, Ryan saved an estimated 27 more runs than the average shortstop in 2012.