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DROPDeferred Retirement Option Plan (employee benefit)
DROPDeprogramming and Restoration of Pride
DROPDielectric-Resonator-On-Patch (antenna)
DROPDurham Regional Official Plan (Canada)
DROPDraft Reserve Operations Plan (Northwestern Hawaiian Isalnds Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve)
DROPDebrecen Regional Osteoporosis Program (Hungary)
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The LAPD's Deferred Retirement Option Plan, or DROP, provides incentives to veteran officers and firefighters who agree to postpone their departure.
The LAPD's Deferred Retirement Option Plan, implemented in May 2002, allows eligible officers to put their retirement payments in interest- earning accounts for a maximum of five years while they continue to work at their regular salary.
To retain retirement-age teachers, several states are employing a different strategy--the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (or Program), otherwise known as DROP.
The majority of those additional deputies, about 160, would come by implementing a deferred retirement option plan in which deputies could agree to push back their retirements while their pensions would go into an interest-earning account.
The department's Deferred Retirement Option Plan, started in 2002, was designed to ease the crunch by allowing officers to retire but remain with the LAPD for five additional years as their pension goes into an escrow account.
The council voted Wednesday to put off consideration of the Deferred Retirement Option Plan until negotiations start on police and firefighter contracts for 2000, effectively eliminating the chance that the program could be put before city voters this year.
Deferred retirement option plans have again been in the eye of a high-profile financial storm, this time in the City of San Diego.