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DRRDisaster Risk Reduction
DRRDocument de Référence du Réseau (French: Network Reference Document; various locations)
DRRDigital Reading Room
DRRDistributed Renewable Resources (green technology)
DRRDeficit Round Robin
DRRDigital Railroad
DRRDrug Rehabilitation Requirement (UK)
DRRDirectorate of Rice Research (India)
DRRDigital Reading Room (Canada)
DRRDeployment Readiness Review
DRRDesign Readiness Review
DRRDebt Reduction in Repayment (Canada)
DRRDistrict Rotaract Representative
DRRDriving Rights Revoked (Franklin County Municipal Court; Columbus, OH)
DRRDynamic Rate Repartitioning
DRRDependent Relative Revocation (will or testament doctrine)
DRRDigital Radio Receiver (General Motors)
DRRDisneyland Railroad
DRRDeath Row Records (record label)
DRRDigital Reconstructed Radiograph (technique in radiotherapy imaging)
DRRDual Round Robin (arbitration scheme)
DRRDigital Resale Rights
DRRDesign Requirements Review
DRRData Review Record
DRRDesign Review Report
DRRGreen Distributed Renewable Resources (est. 2010; Texas)
DRRDefense Requirements Review
DRRDimensional Results Report
DRRDrug Research Reports
DRRData Routing and Retrieval
DRRDough Rate of Reaction
DRRDefense Research Review
DRRDemonstration Readiness Review
DRRDislocated Worker Employment Retention
DRRDigital Receiver Replacement
DRRDaily Receiving Report
DRRDose Response Rate
DRRDoppler Range Resolver
DRRDomain Reference Requirements
DRRDocument Review Record
DRRDraft Response/Reply
DRRDrawing Revision Record
DRRDefect Removal Rate
DRRDepartment de Recherches Rizicoles (Department of Rice Research; Madagascar)
DRRDaily Revenue Report
DRRDesign Review Record
DRRDeath Row Racing (stock car retailer)
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To solve this problem variants of the basic DRR algorithm that prioritize one (or a subset of) queue(s), so as to guarantee a reduced latency named as Modified Deficit Round Robin (MDRR) and implemented in commercial routers[13].
Stea, "Bandwidth and latency analysis of modified deficit round robin scheduling algorithms", Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Performance evaluation methodologies and tools, (Valuetools'06), October 11-13, 2006, Pisa, Italy.
Modified Deficit Round Robin scheduling algorithm is an extension of the above mentioned DRR algorithm [17].
Comparison of different scheduling algorithms (Weighted Fair Queue, Deficit Weighted Round Robin, Modified Deficit Round Robin and Priority Queue) has done in this work.
Its can supports is included for drop-tail First-In-First-Out (FIFO), Class Based Queue (CBQ), RED Queue management, Fair Queue (FQ), Stochastic Fair Queue (SFQ) and Deficit Round Robin (DRR) as we discussed in detail in the section two related work.
Roberts, Implicit Service Differentiation using Deficit Round Robin, ITC19, Beijing, August 2005.
These algorithms include Random Early Detection (RED) [12], Virtual Queue (VQ) [13, 14], Fair Queuing (FQ) [15], Stochastic Fair Queuing (SFQ) [16], Random Exponential Marking (REM) [16], Deficit Round Robin (DRR) [17], and Proportional Integrated (PI) [18, 19].
Deficit Round Robin (DRR) is a scheduling algorithm that handles packets of variable size without knowing their mean sizes [17].
This section presents a performance evaluation of eight-queue management algorithms, namely, Drop Tail (DT), Random Early Detection (RED), Virtual Queue (VQ), Fair Queuing (FQ), Stochastic Fair Queuing (SFQ), Random Exponential Marking (REM), Deficit Round Robin (DRR), and Proportional Integrated (PI).