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DCHPDefined Contribution Health Plan
DCHPDelayed Closure of the Hard Palate (orthodontics)
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If PPACA survives its many foes, takes full effect in 2014, and works more or less as drafters expect, it could breathe new life into the defined contribution health plan concept, by requiring health insurers to sell coverage to individuals on a guaranteed-issue basis.
Most recently, it has confronted proposed defined contribution health plans with legal uncertainties about how they might be regulated.
Defined contribution health plans, which limit how much employers pay for routine health care treatments and give employees more freedom in spending a portion of health care funds, received more support from employees than the consultants expected.
com)-- American Insurance Benefits, today announced the launch of a Private Exchange technology system that provides employers and employees the ability to participate in one of the fastest growing trends in health insurance - Defined Contribution Health Plans.
com highlights the company's online health benefits software that enables small businesses to implement and administer a defined contribution health plan in less than five minutes per month.
Defined contribution health plans and health savings accounts offer new coverage alternatives, increasing the pressure on traditional plans to cut rates in order to retain existing market share.
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