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DBPDewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Malay: Institute of Language and Literature)
DBPDiastolic Blood Pressure
DBPDevelopment Bank of the Philippines
DBPDisinfection Byproduct
DBPData Bus Parity
DBPData Broadcasting Platform
DBPData Base Project
DBPDeferred Bonus Plan (various companies)
DBPDNA Binding Protein
DBPVitamin D - Binding Protein
DBPDraw Bar Pull (vehicle measurement)
DBPDeutsche Bundespost (German federal mail)
DBPDien Bien Phu (Vietnamese city)
DBPDatabase Project (Visual Studio File Extension)
DBPDefined Benefit Plan
DBPDiversity Best Practices
DBPD-Bifunctional Protein (deficiency)
DBPDisinfectant Byproduct
DBPDublin-Pleasanton (Amtrak station code; Dublin-Pleasonton, CA)
DBPDistribution Boulangerie Pâtisserie (French bakery distribution company)
DBPDark Basic Professional
DBPDeep Blue Pearl (color)
DBPDibutyl Phosphate
DBPDraft Business Plan
DBPDatabase Processor
DBPDistance Based Priority
DBPDecorin-Binding Protein A
DBPDon Bosco Preparatory (Ramsey, NJ high school)
DBPDeutsches Bundespatent (Federal German Patent)
DBPDeath By Powerpoint (slang for a boring presentation)
DBPDouble Bass Pedal (drum equipment)
DBPDual Beam Photoconductivity
DBPDesign Baseline Program
DBPDragonbotpro (gaming)
DBPDeuromedia Broadcast Platform
DBPDirect Buy Program
DBPDNA-Blocking Protein
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Implementing a defined benefit plan allowed Stanley to:
9 January 2018 - Pennsylvania, US-based retirement and college savings services provider Ascensus has acquired California, US-based defined benefit plans administrator Dedicated Defined Benefit Services (Dedicated DB) to boost benefit plan expertise, the company said.
Topping the list, experts agree, should be depth of knowledge-a provider that has a track record of expertise with the plan sponsor's type of defined benefit plan.
Overall, there is more to a small-company defined benefit plan than large tax-deductible contributions for business owners.
For the business owner wanting to leave the business to family members, the defined benefit plan can create an asset base sufficient to replace a large portion of the income he is accustomed to, while leaving the business equity as a supplemental income source.
The disparity in retirement preparedness for those households with a defined benefit plan and those with only a defined contribution plan speaks to the need for plan sponsors to evolve their DC plans with features already in the marketplace, said James McInnes, senior vice president and COO, Total Retirement Solutions at Prudential Retirement.
In the past, plan sponsors might have been hesitant to convert an existing traditional defined benefit plan into a cash-balance plan because many courts had ruled that these plans were discriminatory on the basis of age; however, PPA provides legal certainty for employers and plan sponsors that establish a cash-balance pension plan by clarifying that they do not violate discrimination laws if certain conditions are met.
The fixed benefit level will help the client determine how much he should add to the plan each year, but the primary advantage of the defined benefit plan is that the client can put away upwards of $200,000 a year for 2012 and $205,000 for 2013.
Full-time workers are covered more often by a defined benefit plan than are their part-time counterparts--22 percent versus 8 percent.
The IRS has released guidance concerning the eligibility of rollover distributions from defined contribution plans to defined benefit plans when both plans are maintained by the same employer.
There are 586 employers on this year's Fortune 1000 list that sponsor defined benefit plans, and 208 have frozen at least one plan, according to New York-based benefit consultant Towers Watson.
Controversy over cash balance conversions has resulted in many employers giving employees the option of staying with the old defined benefit plan, or providing other incentives in order to mitigate loss of anticipated benefits.
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