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DTULDeflection Temperature Under Load
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Next month, I will look more closely at these curves and hopefully put to rest the notion that deflection temperature under load, or some percentage of that property, however precisely it is calculated, has anything to do with the temperature at which a part can be demolded.
This is the reason that using an amorphous polymer under load at the deflection temperature under load is possible only for very short time frames.
In my next column I will illustrate a practical example of how this time-temperature equivalence was used to solve a problem with material performance that the standard deflection temperature under load failed to predict.
This comes in the form of the deflection temperature under load (DTUL), also known as the heat deflection temperature (HDT), or the Vicat softening point.
The deflection temperature under load (DTUL) and Vicat softening values also contain some inconsistencies that make comparisons challenging.