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In the initial stage, DEFTECH will be working on two of Tata Motors proven models, LPTA 715 and LPTA 1623.
Under an earlier agreement between FNSS and DEFTECH, FNSS sold 211 armoured personnel carriers to equip the Malaysian military.
A second batch of 2R2Ms is being produced for Malaysia, but installed on the mortar carrier variant of the AV-8 8x8 IFV developed by FNSS and Deftech (this combination currently is at prototype stage).
It is the case of Malaysia where Deftech is now producing its AV-8 8x8 APC/IFV based on the Turkish FNSS PARS 8x8.
With ink now set on two contracts, one for the Malaysian AV8 8x8 armoured vehicle built by DefTech and derived from the Turkish Pars 8x8 and the other for the South African Patria AMV-based Badger, the Denel LCT 30, is now well into production.
While the Arma has not yet found a customer in its 8x8 configuration, the same is not true for the Pars, which in its AV-8 derivative has been adopted by Malaysia, a $559 million contract having been signed in February 2011 with DefTech for the design, development, production and logistical support of 257 combat vehicles.
Apart from the two prototypes manufactured in Ankara, the first Pars-based 8 x 8s, although deeply redesigned, will be produced by Deftech underneath the semi-V shape hull to which the drive train is attached.
A last and interesting reference is the recently awarded contract for Malaysian 8x8 armoured vehicles to Deftech, teamed with Denel (weapon systems) and Sapura Thales (vehicle system integration).