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PADH likely is the result of the delayed clearance of once-infected erythrocytes, which continue to circulate after the pharmacologic effect of parenteral artesunate, and is not the result of any toxic effect of parenteral artesunate.
Coronary angiography: Coronary dissection seen as a false lumen with delayed clearance of contrast or abrupt luminal narrowing with no response to intracoronary nitroglycerin.
But the keeper's delayed clearance, charged down by Lee Thorpe in the 71st minute, almost cost Rovers dear.
We make dosage estimates based on delayed clearance of the drug.
Yorke's first came on 12 minutes when he punished Mart Poom's delayed clearance by charging it down and knocking the rebound into an empty net.
The study, which dates back to the 1950s, indicated that loperamide delayed clearance of the organism.
More than 6,000 imported second-hand vehicles were at container freight stations in Mombasa over delayed clearance.
figure By PATRICK ALUSHULA Faith-based drug supplier Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) is blaming government directive to process imported goods at the Nairobi inland container depot for Sh114 million loss.According to Managing Director Jane Masiga, the organisation suffered stock outs on 201 lines of drugs over the past seven months due to delayed clearance leading to Sh114 million in lost sales to counties, national government and faith-based health facilities.
We made repeated attempts to contact him and even delayed clearance for three weeks after repossession, to give him a final chance to collect his bikes.
County did score a bizarre goal six minutes later, with Luke Bennett charging down a delayed clearance by Michael Oakes.