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DELGADemocrats for Lesbian and Gay Action
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KAHyRE (CyHAN)- Sameer Hanna, an Egyptian Copt, returned to his home in the town of Delga a week ago, but only to find it torched and looted by masked Islamist men.
What is happening today echoes what happened in Delga.
Amnesty International documented several specific instances where Copts were specifically targeted, including reports of a 60 year-old man in Delga who was shot dead and his body was dragged through the streets behind a tractor.
Clashes between Security forces and a Pro-Morsi protest in Delga, Minya on Sunday leaves one dead, according to Minya Security Directorate PR office.
At 5pm, MOI spokesman stated that security forces controlled the situation in Delga, after one was reported dead and tens injured.
The British daily, The Guardian on September 16 reported: "According to Christians in Delga, huge mobs carrying machetes and firearms then attacked dozens of Coptic properties, including the 1,600-year-old monastery of the Virgin Mary and St Abrm," torched three of the five churches in the town, looting everything, killing some Coptic compatriots, forcing scores of Christian families to escape the town, and those who remained were forced to pay "protection money.
The design of a number of other dams Projects such as Nazaneen, Balayan, Shargha, Chamrga and Kodara in Erbil, Sartk on the Smaller Zab, Kazhak in Sidakan, Rawanduz Dam on a branch of the Greater Zab, Derana, Shiwarash, Shiwashok, Shawger, Balk, Zelan, Hashazine, Chami Rookhana, Chaq Chaq II, Khewata, Qaziawa, Bardasoor and Delga in Suleimaniya; Bawanoor in Garmian, Bidool and Basi on the Khabur River, Khlin, Kurka, Sibna II and Gali Bandawa in Duhok are respective dam projects that are in the design and study phase, forming 27 projects in total.
The top-priced mare was Supreme Melody, an eight-year-old daughter of Supreme Leader who was sold in-foal to Presenting and cost Kilkenny-based Delga House Stud n46,000.
The subcontractors include Brazilian companies like Delga Automotiva Industria e Comercio Ltda.
The public prosecution charged them with attacking police forces, protesting without a permit, and inciting violence in the village of Delga, Minya, reported Al-Ahram.
The attempt to reclaim control of the suburb comes after a similar crackdown was launched in the town of Delga in central Egypt on Monday.
The union has secured recognition at Collector Set Printers in Aylesford, Delga Press, Rochester and G&A healthcare packaging in Sittingbourne.
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