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The changing gender ratio in occurrence of deliberate self-harm across the lifecycle.
Pattern of deliberate self-harm in young people in Karachi, Pakistan.
Elsewhere at the meeting, she presented a study on the risks of suicide and nonfatal deliberate self-harm among psoriasis patients.
The Deliberate Self-Harm Inventory (DSHI; Gratz 2001) has been extensively used in research, and asks respondents how frequently they have engaged in 17 different forms of NSSI, and several additional questions (e.
Risk factors for deliberate self-harm among female college students: The role and interaction of childhood maltreatment, emotional inexpressivity, and affect intensity/reactivity.
Results of research on deliberate self-harm in adolescents conducted in Croatia show how family dynamics, interpersonal relationships and the family financial situation are all associated with psychological difficulties, but this research was conducted on a relatively small sample from a clinical setting (20).
Cumulative risk for deliberate self-harm among treatment-seeking women with histories of childhood abuse.
The responses were variable; yet, deliberate self-harm or suicidal attempt was the most common reason for psychiatric referral quoted by 55/80 physicians.
Formal assessments include the Functional Assessment of Self-Mutilation (Lloyd-Richardson, Perrine, Dierker, & Kelley, 2007), the Deliberate Self-Harm Inventory (Gratz, 2001), and the Inventory of Statements About Self-Injury (Glenn & Klonsky, 2011).
As compare to completed suicide it is much more difficult to acquire information regarding attempted suicide or deliberate self-harm.
Emotional antecedents and consequences of deliberate self-harm and suicide attempts.
Objective: The study is aimed to identify the personality factors of patients admitted with the history of recent deliberate self-harm (DSH).