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References in classic literature ?
Of course Tink had been delighted to hear that Wendy was going; but she was jolly well determined not to be her courier, and she said so in still more offensive language.
'I am delighted to hear that our friends have arrived at last,' he said.
I was delighted to hear that Bon Jovi will be playing in the UAE next month.
WE ARE delighted to hear that The Tower has been saved.
I'M delighted to hear that the tour bus which ferried country legend Johnny Cash around is to be preserved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.
I am delighted to hear that not only are Newcastle United players strutting their stuff again for Macmillan Cancer Care, but there is to be another Fashion for Kicks event.
Dear Editor, - I am delighted to hear that it has only taken nine months to resurface a few hundred yards of slip road between the Aston Expressway and M6 southbound, during which time engineers had to cope with the astonishing discovery that it sometimes rains in England in September and October.
Mr Barrowclough said: "I was delighted to hear that one of our customers had won this competition."
I have often enjoyed Stephen Walsh's comments on IVU-Sci, an e-mail discussion list for scientists with an interest in vegetarianism, so I was delighted to hear that he had written Plant Based Nutrition and Health.
[right arrow] Technophiles will be delighted to hear that the spanky new S4 has a 3-times optical zoom lens, a 4.23-million-pixel CCD (the old model only had a 3.2-million-pixel one) allowing max images of 2,304 x 1,728 pixels, 15 frame-per-second movie clips (improved from 12fps) at 320 x 240 dots, one-touch image reviewing and more focus, white balance and other options than you can shake a stick at.
Thousands of animals suffer and die in these unreliable, unethical and unnecessary tests and our supporters will be delighted to hear that the Members of the European Parliament voted with their consciences, and put prevention of suffering before trade issues.
"I was really surprised and delighted to hear that I had won the big prize," said Mr Lamb, 83, who has been a member of the lottery since 2001.